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Meet the Senior Advisor

Headshot of Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman

Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman

Interim Vice President for Institutional Equity
Senior Advisor to the President and Provost for Diversity and Inclusion
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

In her role as senior advisor and in alignment with the Principles of Community, Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman supports USF's efforts to create a more unified and equitable campus.

This site serves as a repository of resources and information related to anti-racism on campus, including faculty and student research, courses on systemic racism, new initiatives and programs, and spotlights and news stories. As USF’s ascension over the past years has been attributed to our data-driven approach, this site will also include data and reports that will help monitor our progress and promote transparency and accountability (in accordance with our Principles of Community).

Dr. Hordge-Freeman invites you to contribute to this resource-mapping effort by sharing your ideas, events, research/teaching and relevant information with us. Ultimately, the path to institutional transformation requires the engagement of all community members. Embracing this moment to institutionalize anti-racism across our campuses is not only the right thing to do, it will ultimately be the best thing to do to elevate the entire USF community.

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