Provost and Leadership Team

All individuals listed have the following mailing address:
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, CGS 401
Tampa, FL 33620

Eric Eisenberg


Dr. Prasant Mohapatra 
Provost & Executive Vice President  
Email: pmohapatra@usf.edu
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Faculty Success Website

Ms. Milene Rivas 
Special Assistant to the Provost & Executive Vice President 
Email: mrivas@usf.edu

Kiki Caruson



Dr. Kiki Caruson
Vice President, USF World
Email: kcaruson@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-0709
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USF World Website

Executive Administrative Specialist: Kathy Weber
Email: kweber08@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-1218

Terry Chisolm



Dr. Theresa H. Chisolm
Vice Provost for Strategic Planning, Performance & Accountability
Email: chisolm@usf.edu
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Executive Administrative Specialist: Jonna DeSantis
Email: jonnad@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-5567

Cindy DeLuca



Dr. Cynthia DeLuca
Vice President for Student Success
Email: deluca@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-3077
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Student Success Website
Innovative Education Website

Office Administrator: Rosie Lopez 
Email: rlopez@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-2267

Valeria Garcia



Dr. Valeria Garcia
Associate Vice President of Decision Support
Email: vgarcia@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-6987
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Decision Support Website

Executive Administrative Specialist: Tammy Reed
Email: tsreed@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-2391

Brett Kemker



Dr. Brett Kemker 
Regional Vice Chancellor and Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Student Success 
Email: kemker@usf.edu  
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USF Sarasota-Manatee campus  

Executive Administrative Specialist: Cary Trujillo
Email: mctrujillo@usf.edu 
Phone: 941-359-4504

Pritish Mukherjee



Dr. Pritish Mukherjee
Vice Provost for Strategy, Institutional Excellence & Faculty Success
Email: pritish@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-3293 
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USF Nexus Initiative

Academic Services Administrator: Ilana Thomsett
Email: ithomsett@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-2099

Thomas Smith



Dr. Thomas W. Smith
Vice Provost of Academic Affairs
Email: twsmith2@usf.edu 
Phone: 727-873-4583
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Executive Administrative Specialist: Mary Bridget Nickens
Email: mnickens@usf.edu 
Phone: 727-873-4790

Steven Tauber



Dr. Steven Tauber 
Vice Provost for Faculty Administration
Email: stauber@usf.edu  
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Faculty Services Administrator: Madeleine Hershberger
Email: mhershberger@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-2010

Sylvia Wilson Thomas



Dr. Sylvia Wilson Thomas
Vice President for Research & Innovation
Email: sylvia@usf.edu 
Phone: 813-974-7988
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Research and Innovation Website

Executive Administrative Specialist: Eddie Aikins
Email: eaikins@usf.edu 
Phone: 813-974-7988

Tanya Vomacka



Ms. Tanya Vomacka, MA
Chief of Staff & Associate Vice Provost, Strategic Initiatives & Communication
Email: tvomacka@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-6216