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Change Home Academic Unit

In the rare event that there is a need to change the academic home unit of a faculty member, the attached form should be used. There needs to be a compelling reason for the proposed change and an agreement from all affected units. These change requests most often involve multi- or interdisciplinary faculty members whose credentials, teaching, and research interests demonstrably fit better in a different academic unit. The process begins with a faculty member approaching the chair/directors of both their current and preferred home academic units. 

The university retains the right to approve the request (or not), taking into account the following considerations: 

  1. The fit of the appointment to the preferred unit. 
  2. The impact on both the current and preferred units. 
  3. How the change supports USF strategic goals. 
  4. Approval of the transfer by administrators including chairs/directors, campus deans, regional vice-chancellors (if applicable) and the provost. 
  5. Approval of the transfer by faculty in the preferred unit. 
  6. An agreement between units regarding any financial considerations or special conditions, usually in the form of a memorandum of understanding. 
  7. If on tenure track or tenured, the tenure home of the applicant will be in the new unit. 

Please fill out the “Application to Change Home Academic Unit” and include a current curriculum vitae. It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure all the needed approvals.