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The Staff (USPS) Senate was formed in the 1970's as a way to enhance communication between USF Staff and the University President. We serve as an advisory body to the President and other university officers on issues pertaining to USF Staff and the working environment at USF. Our group represents all departments on all campuses.

In the mid-1960's, an idea was put forth that Career Service personnel, faculty, and A&P personnel should work together at the University of South Florida. Thus, began the University Senate. In the early years, representatives to the Senate were elected from Career Service, Faculty and Administrative, and Professional personnel. As the university expanded the Senate membership grew. After several years of growth, the Senate divided itself into three separate groups; Career Service Senate, Faculty Senate and the A&P Council. In 1986 the title of staff workers was changed to University Support Personnel Service by order of the Board of Regents. The Career Service Senate then became the USPS Senate. In 2006 with the Classification Redesign, USPS Staff title was changed to Staff. The USPS Senate followed suit by becoming the Staff Senate. The Staff Senate has always been quick to deal with staff interests and issues of concern.

We are privileged to be among only four Staff Advocacy groups in the state. The other Staff Advocacy groups are located at: Florida Gulf Coast University, University of Central Florida, and University of West Florida.

Our Mission

The mission of the Staff Senate is to provide an avenue for effective communication between Staff, the university President, and Senior Management. The Senate is dedicated to promoting a spirit of unity, increasing staff morale and student success by building communication, trust, and integrity within the university community.

Adopted: 9/1994, Revised & Approved: 10/11/2005; Revised & Approved: 9/10/2013