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Senate Committees

The Staff Senate operates five (5) standing committees, plus the Executive Board. For more information about each committee, as well as a list of committee members, please select the committee name below:

Staff Morale

  • Plans and coordinates with the Administration (A&P) Council and the Orientation Office a "Week of Welcome" to publicize the Staff Senate and welcome students back to campus.
  • Assists with the planning and coordinates the "Get to Know Your Senate" event during Spring Break.
  • Plans and coordinates fundraising events, if needed.
  • Plans and coordinates participation in the annual Homecoming Parade.
  • Assists with the planning of the annual Quiet Quality Reception in May or June.

Quiet Quality

  • Administers the Quiet Quality Awards.
  • Establishes procedures and policies and checklist for determining the evaluation process of the Quiet Quality Award.
  • Reviews current goals and evaluates the needed number of people for the committee and any changes needed.
  • Assists the President in establishing the budget for the Quiet Quality Awards program.
  • Sends out monthly reminders about the Quiet Quality Awards to all USF employees via electronic mail.
  • Reviews the number of recipients for the Quiet Quality award to determine if more (or less) should be awarded based on the number of nominations.  Relays information to the President for approval. 


  • This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the Senate web pages, to include updating:
    • Retirees
    • Quiet Quality Award winners
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Photo Gallery of Staff Senate events.
  • The Communications Committee is also responsible for the upkeep of the Staff Senate Portal, including archiving of documents, creation of the Staff Senate Calendar, and maintenance of members list.

Senate Operations

  • Administers annual Staff Senate elections in April and notifying newly elected Senators in May.
  • Establishes a nominating committee within the committee for the Executive Board to make nominations.
  • Administers annual Staff Senate Executive Board Officer Election in accordance with Article 15 of the Staff Senate Bylaws.
  • Administers "Dollars for Scholars" Scholarship in August and January.
  • Establishes budget for Staff Senate.


  • Administers the University-wide Committee Applications in December of each year.
  • Reports any issues facing the University
  • Finds monthly guest speakers for the Senate meetings, as needed.
  • Disseminates any new changes to the Staff Senate on a monthly basis.
  • Maintains and updates contact list of organizations at other Universities.
  • Administers the Staff Retirement program.