Strategic Areas of Focus

Analytics and Data Science: Integrating USF Digitally

Information technology is one of the most transformative forces in our society today. Globally, governments and organizations spend close to $4 trillion on information technology. Technological advances such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming a swath of industries, raising new questions for how we learn, teach, work, research, fight wars and epidemics and engage with each other. Further, the state of Florida is third in the nation
for cybersecurity innovation and tech businesses and home to Cyber Florida. The current information revolution will challenge our students to acquire new skills, such as digital intelligence, which is the ability to make sense of new and emerging technologies and tremendous amounts of data that are collected by millions of sensors in our environment.

The Analytics and Data Science initiative will produce graduates and researchers who are dexterous with data and different kinds of analytics to reimagine the future of their organizations, industries or disciplines. Analytics and data science are central to many departments, degree programs and interdisciplinary fields that rely on both traditional and emerging technology domains such as big data, artificial intelligence, environmental science, cybersecurity, and health informatics. This initiative seeks to attract and retain top talent to advance research in analytics and data science while training a new generation.

By leveraging research, coupled with degree programs or alternative credentials that employers demand, USF has unique assets in the areas of integrated and transformative analytics and data science. For example, the Health Informatics Institute leverages biomedical science, statistics, clinical trial and study design and coordination, software and data engineering, big data and high-performance computing, and integrative bioinformatics. In addition, the Institute for Data Analytics and Visualization provides consulting services in data analytics and
data visualization, and the Center for Analytics and Creativity facilitates the discovery and dissemination of insights through analytical and creative thinking, fostering a climate of innovation and analytics throughout degree programs and research.