Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019

Workshop Session A
10:30 - 11:30 am

Central Florida Education Ecosystem Database: Student Record Matching Across the PK-20 Continuum

Room: Cormorant

Dr. Rachael Russell, Research Analyst - CFEED, Helios Education Ecosystem Phase II, Valencia College
Magdalena Fernández Civil, Research Analyst - CFEED, Institutional Knowledge Management, University of Central Florida
Nicole Scala, Research Analyst – CFEED, Information Services, School District of Osceola County

The Central Florida Education Ecosystem Database (CFEED) seeks to build the tools and processes necessary to provide a silo-free examination of student data from pre-K through postsecondary in four Central Florida public education institutions. The absence of a unique identifier held by all four institutions made student record matching our first major undertaking. The CFEED Research Analysts will offer an update on success and roadblocks of this unprecedented data ecosystem.

U.S. Higher Education Is Failing Its Students: How an Innovative Student Success Model Is Helping

room: White Ibis

Michelle Relyea, Senior Vice President, Student Success, The New School
Dr. Monique Rinere, Associate Vice President, Student Success, The New School

There is grim proof that the U.S. is failing its university students, in spite of a global reputation to the contrary. The presenters will speak to some of the ample evidence and hypothesize the historical and socio-cultural reasons for this failure. Then they will share the Student Success model they built to meet the urgent ethical imperative to fulfill student advising needs, broadly defined, at a sprawling, complex university. It includes academic advising, study abroad, experiential education, academic standing and integrity, career development, international student & scholar support, residence life & education, health & wellness, conduct, and activities. Finally, they will present the retention and student experience assessment results gathered to date, which offer hope that they are moving in the right direction. Come hear about some of the lessons they learned along the way.

A Web-based Solution to Advising

Room: Snowy Egret

Richard Peacock, Senior Developer, Information Technology, University of Louisiana Monroe
Thomas Hoover, CIO and Dean of Library, Information Technology, University of Louisiana Monroe   

Inaccurate advising directly impacts retention and student satisfaction. At the University of Louisiana Monroe, we have tackled the problem head-on by creating FlightPath, a web-based solution which all of our campus uses to track and advise students through their academic career, even letting students “try out” other majors. This presentation will demonstrate the features of FlightPath, both from a student’s and adviser’s point of view, and focus on some of the issues facing universities when it comes to adopting new software solutions.

Redesigning Higher Education around the 21st Century Student

Room: Sandhill crane

Dr. Ryan Goodwin, Director, Center for Higher Education Innovation, University of Central Florida
Dr. Anna Drake Warshaw, Design Specialist, Center for Higher Education Innovation, University of Central Florida

Students, families, policymakers, and employers increasingly demand that higher education improve educational delivery and student outcomes. In today's demanding environment, how can universities foster innovation and out-of-the-box thinking around student success? What tools, practices, strategies, and infrastructure are most helpful to campuses looking to redesign higher education around the 21st century student?  This workshop will discuss how the UCF Center for Higher Education Innovation works across and beyond the UCF campus to identify, inspire, pilot, and evaluate student success innovations. We believe students succeed, universities excel, and society benefits when higher education institutions think creatively, critically, and collaboratively.

From Camps to Caps

Room: Wilson's plover (14th floor)

Leticia Acosta, Program Director of Subiendo: The Academy for Rising Stars, The University of Texas at Austin
Tepera R. Holman, Director of McCombs Success Scholars, The University of Texas at Austin
Catherine M. Rodarte, Senior Program Coordinator for Outreach & Recruitment - McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

In an effort to recruit and graduate diverse and talented students, the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin is focusing on not just recruiting diverse students but making sure that we have the necessary support to graduate students in a timely manner.  Through three different summer camps we aim to build a pipeline of business professionals and leaders for not only the school and university, but for our state and country as well.  This camp to cap pipeline, aims to first introduce students to the business school. Then transitions these students, through participation in a success program, to life as college students and culminates with these students crossing the stage and accepting job offers around the country.  Our presentation will focus on how we utilize the summer camps to recruit underrepresented students and the academic and social support provided to the students once they are on campus.  Join us to learn how to create student success pipelines.