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What is Esports? 

Esports at the University of South Florida is focused on building a community throughout the USF system and beyond that supports our students at three distinctive levels: casual gaming, competitive esports teams, and content creation. As a program housed under Recreation and Wellness, USF Esports takes a holistic and inclusive approach to the programs and services we provide. The program and its staff are always looking at new and innovative ways to enhance the student experience through collaborating with student, academic, and community leaders.


An Esports-focused communication platform, leveraging voice and text, that allows our community to connect. Discord is free to use and will be the primary way we share news about our programs and upcoming tournaments.

Ready to make your first step? Join us on our USF Discord Server.


A "live steaming platform for gamers and the things we love." Twitch is where you go to watch both our live and pre-recorded games and tournaments.

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Antonio Gonzalez

Antonio Gonzalez
Assistant Director
(813) 974-0371

Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross
Esports Coordinator 
(813) 974-5613