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Covering college life topics that span from entertainment, leadership training, volunteerism and recreation and wellness to disability services, career planning, tutoring and other academic support, Student Success is all about helping you connect, be well, and succeed while at USF—and, most importantly, prepare you for what comes next.

Many of our departments offer you opportunities to get connected, involved, and engaged! When you do, you'll have fun, make friends, explore new interests and learn marketable skills.

We also have departments that are dedicated to offering you services and programs that help you navigate college life and feel at home on campus, supporting your success in the classroom.

Other departments support you academically with your enrollment, financial aid, academic programs, tutoring and so much more to make you a successful student.

Still others support you with holistic services and programs for your health and wellness to encourage your well-being and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Explore this site to uncover all the support you have outside the classroom to be the best you can be in the classroom, to build skills for your future, to prepare you for a career, and to make friendships and memories to last a lifetime!