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Community Service / Civic Engagement

Volunteering in support of your community is rewarding in so many ways! It can help develop your leadership skills and introduce you to interesting people and organizations in the community, all while benefiting the people the organizations serve.

Environment & Sustainability

The Student Green Energy Fund is a student-funded university-wide initiative for greener sustainable campuses. Students, faculty and staff can propose projects and, if approved, work with the university to bring them to life.

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Events & Programs

Student organizations, colleges and Student Success departments offer countless events and programs for you to attend and enjoy. Check out what's happening across all campuses on BullsConnect, the student engagement platform and app, then grab a friend and join in!

Fraternities and Sororities

Brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, philanthropy, and scholarship are a few of the areas in which the USF Greek community aspires to help members achieve excellence.

Leadership Development

Develop leadership skills that future employers will value through engaging workshops and challenging certificate programs.


Expand your cultural awareness and become a more knowledgeable global citizen when you engage in programs that showcase diversity and multiculturalism.

Religious & Spiritual Life

Our Religious & Spiritual Life program fosters a vibrant campus atmosphere where students can explore faith, connect with like-minded peers, and deepen their understanding of spirituality.

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Sports & Recreation

Meet friends while you work out, enjoy the pools and outdoor spaces, or stay on top of your game by participating in sports clubs and intramural teams.

Student Government

As a volunteer, employee, or participant, you can be a part of the governing body that serves as the voice of students at USF. As an SG constituent, you can also utilize the many programs and services they offer to students.

Student Involvement

Do you want to do more than simply attend events? Would you like to work behind the scenes to create memorable experiences for all Bulls? There are so many ways that you can get involved with our departments and student run boards while having fun and exploring your passions. Don't forget student organizations and fraternities/sororities listed separately on this page!

Student Newspapers

Stay informed of USF news with our student newspapers. Interested in working on either publication? Contact us!

Student Organizations

Across our campuses, USF has more than 1,100 official student organizations pursuing interests in everything from chocolate to accounting, video gaming to public health, from the tango to women's empowerment, from modeling to engineering -- you get the idea! Explore your interests, meet new people and have fun!