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Since 1966, fraternities and sororities have contributed to the history, achievements, pride, and overall student experience on the Tampa campus and within the surrounding Tampa Bay community. Today our community fosters membership opportunities in 50 distinctly unique organizations reflecting the diversity of our USF student body with each chapter embracing our four core values: Integrity, Learning, Leadership, and Service.

The fraternity and sorority community embodies 8% of the approximate 47,000 student population. Our members are heavily involved in leadership opportunities within Student Government, Orientation, USF Ambassadors, and much more.

Today's Fraternities and Sororities are the largest and most visible values-based organizations on campus. Offering some of the most successful leadership development programs and community service opportunities fraternity and sorority life is a pillar for the community. We serve as a part of the largest network of volunteers in the nation contributing 45,000 of more than 10 million hours of service annually.

Being a member of a Greek lettered organization at the University of South Florida is a great opportunity to develop as a person and to enhance the collegiate experience. Through membership development programs that the office hosts to philanthropies created by each organization, members of the Greek community are exposed to multiple learning and growth opportunities. Being a member of a fraternity/sorority means joining an organization that is bigger than yourself where you learn about personal values and ethics and finding that organization that has the values and morals that align with your own. This aspect is something that is unique to a Greek Lettered organization and that no other student organization can offer to the average student.

  • Services Provided 
  • Giving students an avenue to get involved at USF through general involvement opportunities, programs and events, and fraternities and sororities
  • Programming related to personal and professional development, values clarification and exploration, and tradition.
  • Leadership development through fraternity/sorority governing council and programming board positions.
  • Promotion of campus-wide involvement and events (i.e. CSI, Athletics, Lectures, CLCE)
  • Promoting healthy and safe programs and risk-reduction education
  • Consultation on organizational development and enhancement
  • One-on-one and group advising
  • Consultation on creating safe new member programs
  • Marketing, outreach, and advocacy on behalf of fraternities and sororities
  • We serve as a conduit between students and greater USF involvement opportunities and the rest of the USF community


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