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Centre Gallery

Located on the second floor of the Marshall Student Center, the Centre Gallery, established in 1984, is one of the only and entirely student-run, non-profit art exhibition space in the state of Florida. Currently, the physical location of the Centre Gallery is closed.

Centre Gallery

The Centre Gallery offers the University of South Florida students, faculty, and staff along with Tampa Bay community members various stimulating visual art experiences by showing innovative, contemporary artwork. The Centre Gallery also provides USF community artists the opportunity to experiment with new ideas while gaining a virtual educational gallery experience. Current students can serve as Art Directors allowing them to experience running an art gallery website, ranging from contacting student artists and running various virtual events throughout the semester.

As part of our dedication to reflecting the community of USF, the Centre Gallery has collaborated with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to create exhibitions in celebration of commemorative observances such as Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, and Black Heritage Month. The Centre Gallery would like to exemplify the USF principles of community in all of our exhibitions, and that means embodying the core values of diversity with inclusion, and dialogue with respect. Our celebration of the diversity and awareness during these commemorative observances extends beyond a single month or exhibition, and students should feel confident in displaying their work with the Centre Gallery any time of the year. Click here to view our Women's History Month exhibiton and click here to view our Black Heritage Month exhibition.

We invite all artists to submit their art as a form of healing, expression, and support as it relates to the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American community. Art has the power to provoke, inspire, inform, and force new ways of thinking. As such, we welcome our USF community to use this virtual space to call attention to pressing issues while celebrating the vibrant heritage, distinct lived experiences, and histories of Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi American communities.

Artists who are interested in submitting their artwork with a different theme, focus, or style can be a part of the rotating exhibition showcase. This type of exhibition allows artists to submit any and all art pieces that are not centered around commemorative observances. The Centre Gallery wants to provide as many opportunities for participants to express themselves in their own artistic and creative manner. Art expression comes in different forms, ranging from creepy cartoon illustrations to abstract representations of bees and honeycomb to represent human conditions, and we want to invite all artists to submit their work. Through our rotating art exhibition, you will be able to see the variety of artwork our artists are currently showcasing along with archived exhibitions from our previous artists. The archived exhibition allows viewers to see artists that were a part of the rotating exhibition. Click here to view our rotating exhibition and click here to view our archived exhibition.

Centre Gallery

Are you interested in submitting your art exhbition to be featured in our virtual Centre Gallery? Click here to learn more about how to submit your work.