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Mr. & Miss USF Scholarship Pageant

The Mr. & Miss University of South Florida Scholarship Pageant is planned by the Campus Activities Board.

Mr and Miss USF Crew

The 2020 Mr. & Miss University of South Florida Scholarship Pageant will be held on Thursday, February 6 at 8:00 P.M. in the Marshall Student Center Ballrooms. The pageant has certainly grown since the program was revived in 2008. The Center for Student Involvement took over the planning of this program in 2018. The Mr. & Miss University of South Florida Scholarship Pageant helps to support our bright, talented men and women attending the University of South Florida.

Former Miss USF Nicole Johnson was crowned Miss America in 1999 and stands as an example of the wonderful talent that emerges from programs like these. Miss Johnson, a spokeswoman for diabetes and a diabetic herself, earned $20,000 in scholarship money from the national beauty pageant. She is still connected with USF as she serves in the Health Department and supports the pageant and the success of our students.

  • 2020 Winners, Miss USF Christina Stokes, Mr. Jonathan Borelly Gerlein
  • 2019 Winners, Miss USF Avalon Jade Theisen, Mr. Shamom Orie
  • 2018 Winners, Miss USF Abbigayle Rambaran, Mr. Foday Jaward

Mr. and miss USF Winners

Miss Florida Information

Miss Florida is an organization and feeder to Miss America. USF is considered a local pageant and is allowed to submit our Miss to compete in the Miss Florida pageant. It's up to the winner if she would like to compete and to determine if she meets or is willing to meet the Miss America terms for competing.