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The University of South Florida's University Lecture Series (ULS) is a student-supported program designed to develop intellectual potential and present interesting and relevant information on a variety of scholastic and community oriented interests. ULS will enhance the quality of student life and USF's learning environment.

Brandon Stanton speaking at USF     USF students listening at a lecture

In The Beginning

Though the first conception of the University Lectures Series at the University of South Florida is somewhat vague, the real series began its work in Fall of 1986 which featured speakers such as Moorhead Kennedy, William Buckley, and Sarah Weddington. Though these names are familiar around the nation, most lectures at this time were comprised of USF faculty and staff, and dealt with topics relevant to the USF campus. The series was definitely noticeable on campus, attracting speakers from many different culture pools from around the world. Critics also praised the series, awarding ULS the Drew Pearson Award by the International Platform Association for the top lecture program in the country in 1990.

Today, the University Lecture Series is stronger than it has ever been. They have achieved much success with such speakers as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Reverend Jesse Jackson, RENT star Anthony Rapp, and actress Viola Davis. These speakers, along with others, have created a new environment on the USF Tampa campus; one where students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members can engage each other in a thoughtful, respectful manner, and also create new ideas, opinions, and values of their world and the society around them.