Get Involved


What are iPoints?

Involvement Points, or iPoints for short, are reward points students can earn by attending and participating in the various events put on by the Center for Student Involvement. Different events have different values. These events include:

  • University Lecture Series Events
  • Committee Meetings
  • Movies on the Lawn
  • USF Week Signature Events
  • Visiting Centre Gallery Exhibits
  • And much more!

How do I get iPoints?

At every event sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement, there will be a location for you to swipe your USF ID. This will track your attendance at the event, which is how you earn your iPoints.

Where do I use iPoints?

This semester, there are 2 rewards you can earn by collecting iPoints. At 1200 iPoints, students will receive a USF Water Bottle. At 2400 iPoints, students will receive a USF Hooded Sweatshirt. There may also be opportunity for surprise rewards, so make sure to collect as many iPoints as possible!

How many iPoints do I have?

Points are tracked through Bullsync. In order to see how many points you have, go to the Involvement tab in My Profile. Under 'All Organizations' select Center for Student Involvement, and under 'All Dates' select the current semester. 1 hour = 100 i-Points.