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What are iPoints?

Involvement Points, or iPoints for short, is a student reward program hosted by the Tampa campus Center for Student Involvement (CSI) where students can earn points by attending and participating in designated iPoints events. Students can earn rewards once they reach different point levels. Some of these events include:

  • University Lecture Series Events
  • Movies on the Lawn
  • USF Week Signature Events
  • Visiting Centre Gallery Exhibits
  • And much more!

Who can earn iPoints?

All registered USF students are eligible to participate in iPoints. You must have an active BullsConnect account and be a member of the USF Center for Student Involvement BullsConnect Portal.

How do I earn iPoints?

We now have a new system! Student can earn iPoints through our new Campus Activity Board iPoints punch card. Now at any iPoint event, which will be marked with the logo on our marketing material, you will receive an iPoints card if you haven not already received one. These events are always free and open for all students to attend. There will be a station identified at all iPoints events where students may get their iPoints card punched. Students cannot earn iPoints without having their iPoints card with them.

How many iPoints are events worth?

Events are worth varying points ranging from 1-3 points. The number of points allocated to different events is determined by the Center for Student Involvement and will be marked appropriate on marketing material for the events.

How many iPoints do I have?

With your iPoints punch card you will always be able to stay on track with how many points you have. 

How do I earn rewards?

Once a reward level is reached, students may pick up their reward from the Center for Student Involvement in the Marshall Student Center (MSC 2306). Eligible students must present their USF ID and iPoints punch card at the time the reward is redeemed. Students may not redeem rewards for another student.

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If I redeem a reward, will my iPoints total return to zero?

No. Students will continue to earn iPoints throughout the entire academic year and can redeem rewards at each level. iPoints will reset at the end of each academic year.

What rewards can I earn with iPoints?

  • 5 points - Umbrella
  • 10 poins - Beach Tote Bag
  • 15 points - Blanket
  • 20 points - Sweatshirt
  • 25 points - Rocky Bobblehead

What are "Grand Prizes"?

Grand prizes are unique experiences or rewards that students can win at the end of the year. More information coming soon!