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Managing Your Organization Virtually

Last Updated: September 28, 2020

The University of South Florida is currently in Phase II in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety and well-being of all members of the USF Community is of utmost importance. This transition applies to all student organizations operations. 

We understand your student organization is discussing how to continue to engage during this time. It is our priority, along with many campus partners to help you ensure your organization continues to thrive. We are excited to see how you plan to further engage our Bulls. 

Below you will find a variety of resources. This website is evolving and will have regular updates as information changes, so check back often. If you have additional questions, please utilize the "Important Contact" drop down below. If you have suggestions for an additional resource, please email

For more details on USF's response to Cornavirus (COVID-19), please visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Website



For fall 2020, all student organization events, programs, and meetings must be managed virtually. There are to be NO in-person events, tabling, practices, programs, or meetings hosted by USF student organizations or departments. An event would be any activity that is publicized or promoted or advertised to members or others. Violating this restriction will be seen as jeopardizing the health and safety of our community and there will be serious repercussions both for organizations and individuals in the organizations.  While, this restriction may be difficult, we want to support you in continuing to engage students in your organizations.

The following resources will help you maximize your student organization virtual experiences:

USF Engage (e.g. BullSync, PeteSync)

All three USF campuses utilize Engage to support student organizations. Engage has been evolving the platform to better support your virtual experiences, event marketing, attendance tracking, and more. Additional information can be found on the Engage Help Center.

Microsoft Teams

All USF students now have access to Office 365, which includes Microsoft Teams - USF’s preferred virtual platform. Teams combines persistent chat rooms, video/voice, file sharing, meetings, and many other features into one application. Additional information about USF’s support of Microsoft Teams can be found on the USF IT Office 365 website. For information on how to access Teams and how to schedule a meeting in Teams, check out the documentation from IT. 

TIP: Create your organization as a Team in Teams with channels for committees and groups of your members! 

TIP: Create an event on BullSync for any meetings with a Teams link. - To find this link, just double click the event you created in the Teams platform and you will find the link in the description.  You can mark the event's location as "online" in your event posting on BullSync and include the link and additional information in the instructions sections (for example: call-in information)
TIP: Maintain Your Normal Meeting Structure - Run your meeting as you normally would in person. 
  • Create an agenda and ensure minutes are taken. You can utilize the Documents section in your organization’s BullSync profile to upload these files.
  • Take attendance using the BullSync event you created. Utilize the “Tracking Attendance Manually” information on the Tracking Event Participation page. 


At this time, the MSC will not be reserving any space for meetings or events until the University enters at least Phase III of the reopening plan.  The MSC reservation book opening has been postponed and we do not have a date set at this time.  
The MSC has a COVID-19 Website for visiting the MSC and we also have a COVID-19 Website for events in the MSC which can be found here.  The event page is where updates/guidelines will be posted for events/meetings in the MSC once these can be reserved.



Below is an update on the operational services provided by the CLCE. Please note: some services are not available at this time due to our remote environment or may be delayed from the usual processing time.

Service/Process Status (as of September 28, 2020)
2020 - 2021 Re-Registration Active
New Student Organization Registration Active 
Bank Letter Requests Active
HYPE Graphic Design Services Active
Temporary Signage Requests Active
Mail Pick-up Inactive
Supplies Check-outs Inactive
Student Organization Office Spaces Offline
Student Organization Locker Space Offline


  • The schedule for the Fall Semester Interim Budget Trainings will be released via BullSync.


  • All Student Organization and Conference Presentation Grant Travels are currently prohibited
  • Present SG Statute does not permit payments for Virtual Conferences with A&S Funds
  • We may be reached at


  • A&S funded organizations and councils may submit purchasing requests for the 2020-2021 Fiscal Year to; however, we may place some requests on hold due to current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions


  • Student Business Services (SBS) is now offering all Financial Officer Trainings through CANVAS.
  • Please email with your full name, USF Student ID, USF Email, and the name of the organization to request enrollment in the Financial Officer Training Course.


The USF Print Center will be temporarily operating out of their main location store at 5219 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617. The phone number is 813-988-5900. You can reach them via email at


During this time, we will offer a number of trainings and development opportunities for your organization. These opportunities will be delivered via the Microsoft Teams platform.  Check out the CLCE calendar on BullSync for the most up-to-date listing. 


Student organization re-registration for 2020 - 2021 has now closed. 

If you have questions regarding this process, please email 


Organizations who fail to re-register will go inactive. This will include:

  • A stop to organization operations (in-person and virtually) including meetings, events and participation in other campus-wide events as an organization
  • Inability to request or access USF allocated budgets
  • Inactive listing of organization on BullSync
  • Inability to attend trainings and development opportunities
  • Inability to request any student organization support services


Organization Elections - All student organizations should work to fulfill the requirements for elections as set forth in their constitutions to the best of their abilities. If an organization wants to adjust their election criteria due to a virtual setting, the constitution should either be suspended or amended via vote based on their constitution's voting criteria. All changes and voting should be properly documented in their organization's minutes. If you are concerned, due to this new environment, you are unable to do execute elections or abide by your constitution, please contact us at

Organizations will updated officers via the annual re-registration process for their organization.

TIP: Organizations may utilize BullSync to run their elections. To learn how to do so, please see the elections support article.

TIP: Make sure your organization's roster is current PRIOR to running elections. See information about how to update your roster in the tips section below.

TIP: Create an interest application via the forms tool on your BullSync profile to see who would be interested in holding the officer role. This would help replace a sheet of paper you may pass around or verbal confirmation during a meeting.

Transition Documents - We encourage you to work with your officers to have them create a transition document for each role to be stored on your organization's profile under the Documents section. A strong transition document includes the following:

  • Position description from the constitution
  • Important contacts and processes related to the role
  • Timelines of various events or tasks the position is responsible for
  • Copies of invoices, reservation forms, budget documents
  • An overview of the officer's goals, with a narrative for each including the progress made on the goal, what went well and what did not go well
  • Contact information for future officer to utilize, if needed

VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION FAIR - Week of October 5, 2020

The Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement is excited to host two weeks of specialize virtual organization fairs to help student organizations share exciting involvement and leadership opportunities with new and current Bulls. The event will include various live components including a Kickoff event and Meet & Greets based on organization category.

For more information on this event, visit our our event website


General Tips

  • Schedule an officer meeting with your advisor. This meeting will help you decide how you want to proceed as an organization in a virtual environment, try out Microsoft Teams and its features and ensure you are a cohesive group for the rest of your members.
  • Connect with your membership and see how they are doing with the transition. This is a new experience for all of us and the community in your organization can be a great sounding board.
  • Keep things going as much as possible. Try to maintain your organization's usual schedule and operations as much as possible to continue to foster community and ensure your organization continues to thrive.
  • Be flexible as much as possible.
  • Take care of yourself.

BullSync Management

  • Update any upcoming events accordingly, including language about them either being canceled or postponed
  • Update/create your organization's meeting calendar on your BullSync profile
  • Clean up your roster - Add members who are missing, end memberships for those no longer part of the organization
  • Update your officers - If officers are out-of-date, complete the Officer Registration Form.
  • Update your documents - Update the Documents section of your BullSync profile with important forms, agendas, meeting minutes, budget documents, etc.
  • Update your organization's information to help people engage with you virtually - contact information, description, social media links, profile photo
  • Send out a message to update your members on how you will connect virtually - be sure to update your roster BEFORE you utilize this feature.


We are here to help you troubleshoot, answer your questions and help you continue to be successful. Please utilize the contacts and resources below.

Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement
Student Business Services - Organization Help 
Student Government

Gary Manka,

Event Planning Team - Marshall Student Center
USF Information Technology

Live Online Support

Center for Student Involvement
BullSync Support Help Center