Golden Bull Awards

Award Overview

Presented by the Student Success unit, the Golden Bull Award is one of USF's highest honors given annually in the spring semester to deserving undergraduate and graduate students who encompass the spirit of USF and have demonstrated its values. Recipients must exemplify exceptional leadership and service to the University and the community. 

The University of South Florida is dedicated to excellence and the Golden Bull recipients embrace and epitomize the following values of the institution:

  • Leadership within the community
  • Engagement with the community and public service
  • Success and academic achievement through research, pursuit of knowledge and critical thinking skills
  • Enhanced global experience and understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Development of personal and professional potential
  • Demonstrated commitment to respect, integrity, and civility

The award is bestowed to up to 30 individuals across USF’s campuses in the following way:

  • Tampa campus – up to 15 undergraduate students, up to 5 graduate students
  • St. Petersburg campus – up to 5 students total
  • Sarasota-Manatee campus – up to 5 students total

Winners are selected by an anonymous panel of judges who will review applications provided. Judges represent academic and student success areas across the institution.

Winners receive their award at each campus’ student leadership award ceremonies in the spring semester.



Qualifications for Golden Bull Award

Applicants for the 2023 Golden Bull Awards must meet the following qualifications:

Class Standing by the START of Fall 2022
Undergraduates: Must have achieved senior class standing - 90 credit hours completed.
Graduate Students: Must have completed a minimum of 12 graduate-level course credit hours.

NOTE: All authorized credits toward degrees count in this tabulation, including dual enrollment and transfer credits.

Intent to Graduate
Undergraduates: Must have graduated in Fall 2022 or intend to graduate in Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 semesters.
Graduate Students: N/A

Enrollment Status
Must be enrolled as a full or part-time student at the institution (on any of the three campuses) or recently completed courses (Fall 2022 graduates only). If you are part-time, you must be in your final semester and have applied to graduate this semester. Your campus is determined by what you have confirmed as your home campus in Oasis. 

NOTE: You will only be judged against other applicants from both your same campus and student type.

Grade Point Average
Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (College of Medicine students must be in good standing).

Standing at the Institution
Must be in good academic and conduct standing as defined by the Academic Catalog and Student Code of Conduct.

Award Limit
You must not have received the award in previous years. A student may only win the award once as an undergraduate student and once as a graduate student.