Golden Bull Awards

Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Golden Bull Award winners! Take a moment to learn more about these exemplary students. View our gallery of past winners, too. 

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Tampa Campus


Emily Algarin
Emily Algarin is a Bachelor of Science graduate in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution and a minor in Environmental Science and Policy. Her hometown is St. Petersburg, Florida. 

During her time at USF, Emily demonstrated leadership skills and made an impact on the St. Petersburg campus community as an Orientation Leader and Head Orientation Leader throughout the 2021 and 2022 orientation seasons. She has welcomed hundreds of new students and guests, built connections, and inspired a sense of school spirit and community for incoming classes. These experiences were further developed as a head Orientation Leader, where she interviewed and hired new student leaders, facilitated training and bonding sessions, and nurtured a strong, positive team environment. 

Furthermore, as a First-Year and Transfer Peer Coach with the COMPASS Student Experience Office, Emily was able to coach 111 new undergraduate students one-on-one to aid in their transition to the university. She gained skills and experiences as a mentor and friend to these students as they navigated the ups and downs of adapting to a new environment while dealing with academic and personal obstacles. Connecting students to the resources they needed was an incredibly fulfilling experience that allowed those students to become better equipped to handle those hurdles for semesters to come. 

Alongside her leadership roles, Emily participated in undergraduate research during her senior year alongside other students under Dr. Deby Cassill. She maintained a high academic standing throughout her time here at USF and graduated in Fall of 2022 with magna cum laude honors. She hopes to take her impact to the next level as an ecologist and environmental educator



Kyle Alvarez Armbruster
Kyle Alvarez Armbruster is a bachelor’s degree candidate in Nursing. His hometown is Brooksville, Florida.

During his time at USF, Kyle has demonstrated an innate ability to stay connected and involved with everyone around him while also excelling in academics and extra-curriculars. Ever since he stepped foot onto campus, he knew that he would not get any of the opportunities that were afforded to him ever again. That is what drove him to stay as involved as possible throughout his time here. Throughout his first degree, Kyle was extremely involved in the sports aspect of USF. He even was number one in the school for attending sports events during the 2017-2018 year. He was able to become president of the table tennis club, co-captain of the ultimate frisbee team, and even start the hacky sack club. His love for sports flourished even more when he was able to work as a Sports Programs Supervisor for a few years.

 Even though it all seemed like fun and games, Kyle was able to work on research involving Alzheimer’s. After years of work, this research was finally published entitled, ‘The Association Between the Usage of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Cognitive Status on Alzheimer’s Disease’. He was able to graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. 

After finding out what he truly wanted to do in life, he was accepted for the Accelerated Second bachelor’s degree in nursing. During this time, he really took to heart the idea that he would not be able to get these opportunities again. Instead of sports this time, he knew that he wanted to experience the student involvement aspect. He became involved as an Event Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board and decided to become an officer for multiple clubs on campus. He tried to attend every event the campus had and be involved as much as possible. Overall, he could not be more glad he was able to come to USF Sarasota-Manatee and have experiences that he will remember and cherish for a long time. 



Anshika Bhowmick
Anshika Bhowmick is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. She is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College.  She is an international student from Rourkela, India, and has made a significant impact at the University of South Florida through her leadership, community-building, and passion for her university.

Throughout her four years at USF, Anshika has been actively involved in various organizations and held multiple leadership positions. As president of the Students of India Association (SIA), the largest organization on campus, she oversaw the organization's entire operation and made sure that it could give the students a platform to celebrate their heritage and culture. Additionally, Anshika planned volunteer and professional development activities for the community and students during her tenure there. She helped plan a food drive during the covid pandemic while also acting as the organization's treasurer in her previous tenure, which provided food and other necessities to over 200 USF students. 

Anshika has also worked as an Orientation Mentor for the Judy Genshaft Honors College, educating 150 incoming honors students about the university and its facilities.



Naziza Bhuiyan
Naziza Bhuiyan is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Cell and Molecular Biology, and is also pursuing minors in Environmental Science and Policy, and Biomedical Anthropology. She is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College.  Her hometown is Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

As an international student, Naziza has made representation of her culture and identity her primary goal. Therefore, through her various roles as a student leader, peer tutor, and aspiring academic, she has made constant efforts to provide a voice for her community, from increasing awareness about Bangladesh to Bangladeshi issues. 

Her background and perspective as a minority in the United States and as an international student has motivated her to uplift others like her. She hosted student-led information sessions on OPT/CPT specifically catered for international students, and organized a support group to talk about the struggles and challenges of prioritizing mental health as an international student. She brought light to the extent of water pollution in Bangladesh when she presented her independent research project conducted in her home country at the Undergraduate Research Conference. Her proudest moment was at Honors Convocation when she was on stage with highly esteemed individuals of the university and delivered her speech as the first international student to be President of the JGHCSC while wearing her traditional attire, a sari, instead of the usual formal clothes. 



Tori Brown
Tori Brown graduated Fall of 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with concentrations in Political Science and Mass Communications. She was born and raised in Tampa and is proud to leave a legacy at the University for her family as a first-generation college graduate.

During her time at USF, Tori has demonstrated her commitment to diversity, overcoming adversity, and leadership. Her leadership blossomed after becoming the President of the Black Student Union as a sophomore. Her advocacy in this role would become a catalyst for her community work as a founder and member of the Black Collective Movement of Tampa (BCM). As a member of the USF Ambassadors, she was instrumental as the Assistant Director of Organizational Advancement, developing ways to ensure the new class of Ambassadors was as diverse and talented as the students they would represent.

Her work as a co-host for City Council Watch with the Tampa Bay Activisit Network allowed her to be awarded the 2019 Emerging Leader Award and to serve as a panelist at the 2021 “Student Activism Panel: Moving from Ask to Action” at the University of Delaware and on the 2021 Point Source Youth Southern Conference Panel on “Abolition Practices, Community Care and Policing Alternatives.”

Today, Tori would like to continue her work as a Creative Director while impacting and transforming her community through art and design. 



Caitlyn Deam
Caitlyn Deam is a Bachelor’s in Science/Bachelor’s in Arts candidate in Cell and Molecular Biology/Criminology, respectively. She is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College.  Her hometown is Spring Hill, FL.

During her time at USF, Caitlyn has demonstrated leadership within many multidisciplinary organizations with a focus in inclusivity and quality student engagement. Passionate about research, she has published articles within the field of bacteriophage genomics and is currently working on an independent research proposal hoping to implement more quality engagement between the d/Deaf community and art spaces, which she presented at the USF Humanities conference and at the Johns Hopkins Research Symposium in Maryland.

Caitlyn, however, is most proud of her accomplishments and experiences she has gained through working at the Campus Activities Board (CAB) under the Center for Student Involvement. As Bulls Nite Out Director and then as President of CAB, Caitlyn is proud of organizing programming that has contributed to helping students feel more at home and connected to campus. 

In addition to the Golden Bull Award, Caitlyn is the recipient of the Marshall Student Center Hall of Fame Award. In the spirit of Phyllis P. Marshall for whom the Marshall Student Center is named, this award recognizes outstanding leadership and significant contributions to student life.



Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Mechanical Engineering. His hometown is Delhi, India.

During his time at USF, Akshat has demonstrated exemplary leadership that has a significant and positive impact in different departments at University of South Florida. He served as the president of University of South Florida Engineering Council, overseeing about 40 engineering organizations, supervising and helping them get funding for the annual year. He worked closely with the Engineering Dean’s office to address student concerns and acted like a medium of communication between student body and the office of dean. During his time at USF, he also served as the Student Government Senator and Relations Committee Vice Chair, where he took the initiative to create a student’s concern page which will help students raise their concerns to student government in a more effective manner thus their concerns getting addressed faster.

Akshat was also part of the University of South Florida’s Largest Multicultural Organization, Students of India Association and served as the vice president. As the vice president he organized different cultural, educational, professional, and volunteering events for over 750 students on campus and led a team of 15 E-board members. Through his involvement in different departments Akshat has inspired many young students at USF and made a positive impact on the student body through his leadership skills.



Isha Harshe
Isha Harshe is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Cell and Molecular Biology and a Bachelor of Arts candidate in Psychology. She is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College. Her hometown is Tampa, Florida. 

During her time at USF, Isha has demonstrated academic achievement by maintaining a 4.0 GPA and will be graduating as a King O’Neal Scholar. She has been engaged with research since her freshman year, and has published a first-author paper based on research she conducted at Moffitt Cancer Center. She also received USF’s Outstanding Research Award for her Honors thesis, which focused on the use of poetry to convey the public’s emotional narratives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At USF, Isha found multiple outlets for creativity, from exhibiting her artwork at the Centre Gallery to serving as Editor-in-Chief of Sparks Magazine. In March 2021, Isha was chosen at the exhibiting artist for USF’s Centre Gallery Women’s History Month exhibition, in which her selection of pieces showed the plight of an immigrant woman. Becoming Editor-in-Chief of Sparks Magazine was one of Isha’s proudest moments during her time at USF as she was able to foster a creative space for her Asian American peers to express their stories and watch the club grow and rise to self-sufficiency for the first time. 

For Isha, USF has been an experience full of unique opportunities, and she tried to share that realization amongst her peers by serving as a peer mentor to first-year students in the Judy Genshaft Honors College. She served as a peer mentor for two years, and became a peer mentor lead in her final year, helping shape the curriculum and leave her personal mark on the Honors Foundations curriculum. Teaching is one of Isha’s passions, one she was only able to explore once she came to USF and served in this role. She believes education is the key to empowering others and ourselves, and keeps this philosophy at the forefront of every leadership role she takes. She sought to give back to her USF community this year by working as a peer health educator in the Health Education Action Team, housed within the Center for Student Well-Being. In this role, Isha has been able to connect with her peers across campus and empower them to take control of all dimensions of their health. Her interactions with her peers and fellow staff have become one of her most cherished memories at USF. One of the main highlights of Isha’s time at USF has been studying abroad. She has studied abroad in the Dominican Republic and London, and she loves to share her experiences and pictures with her students as a peer mentor to inspire them to engage in this life-changing experience as well. Upon graduation, Isha will be attending medical school, and she hopes to be able to continue her love of the arts, teaching, and traveling as she continues her higher education. 



Maarya Ibrahim
Maarya Ibrahim is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in concurrent degrees, International Studies and Psychology.  She is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College. Her hometown is Tampa, FL.

During their time at USF, Maarya has demonstrated a clear passion for servicing the university and the Tampa Bay community. Maarya has worked for Student Government at USF as the Federal Attorney General and in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement as a Vice-Chairperson for Volunteerism. In her role as Attorney General, she defended the integrity of student government in legal trials and worked to improve university processes and legal statues. Additionally, she currently serves as an immigration intern in the Office of International Services, working with international students on understanding employment regulations. In 2021, Maarya was selected to serve as a Mark Orr Foreign Affairs Fellow where she represented USF monthly before the Tampa Bay Committee on Foreign Relations. She went on to represent USF and the Tampa committee at the Young Leaders Initiative Conference in Washington D.C. in 2022.

She will attend Emory Law School in the Fall following graduation and wishes to pursue a career dealing with international human and women’s rights while facilitating gender equity.



Chinwendu Ilonzo
Chinwendu Ilonzo is a Master of Public Health candidate in Epidemiology & Maternal and Child Health. Her hometown is Lakeland, FL.

During her time at USF, Chinwendu has demonstrated a strong commitment to leadership, scholarship, and service. Since the start of her graduate program, she has held a number of leadership positions such as being a member of the Executive Student Leadership Board and a Graduate Student Ambassador. Through these roles, she has been able to connect with and recruit prospective students by sharing her experiences through the lens of a graduate student, host events to engage students in wellness, and advocate for the improvement of students’ experiences. 

However, Chinwendu’s biggest contribution to the USF community was when she founded and served as President for the new public health organization, Black-ish in Public Health, where she brings awareness to various health issues in underrepresented communities and empowers students to be the voice of change for a healthier society. Since its formation, she has engaged over 400 students through general body meetings and social media to discuss hot topics, like gun violence, mental health, and reproductive justice, and fostered member connections through socials and participation in community service.



Benjamin Kailes
Benjamin Kailes is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Biomedical Sciences with minors in Biomedical Engineering and Entrepreneurship. He is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College.  His hometown is Orange Park, FL. 

During his time at USF, Benjamin has demonstrated leadership, a commitment to connecting with and creating opportunities for the community, and a love for learning. As an athlete leader, he worked with the Athletic Director, administration, coaches, and all student-athletes to promote student-athlete interests and direct initiatives, including founding a food drive that has donated 10,000 items to students and community members in need. Benjamin also expanded his community efforts off the track. As part of the founding team for the Orthopedics and Athletic Medicine club (OAM), Benjamin helped fundraise over $10,000 for Special Olympics Florida (SOFL) in the club’s first year.  

Deeply involved as a student-athlete, a volunteer, and a future medical professional, Benjamin is devoted to improving quality of life and helping individuals be active. Professionally, he works as a medical engineering researcher under Dr. Bulysheva and as an intern with biotech startup AsanteBio. Research with both groups aims to help restore movement and health, reduce the need for recurrent treatment, and innovate novel methods concerning orthopedic, cardiovascular, and metabolic pathologies. He is excited to be a part of the innovative frontier of physical health.




Mimi Liu
Mimi Liu is a third-year medical student at the Morsani College of Medicine. Her hometown is Irvine, California, but she was born in China and has lived in South Korea, England, and Canada. 

During her time at USF, Mimi has consistently proven her commitment to community service, social equity and supporting her fellow students. She was an Operations Coordinator at USF BRIDGE Clinic, a free, student-run clinic that serves low-income and underinsured patients in the Tampa Bay area. Mimi has spearheaded virtual fundraisers for BRIDGE Clinic for two years in a row and raised over $1200. She was awarded in-person Operations Coordinator of the year for her efforts. 

Mimi is committed to supporting the next generation of medical students. During her second year of medical school, Mimi founded a student organization called Medical Mandarin to teach students how to take a medical history in Chinese. Through this organization, students hosted a health fair with the Suncoast Association of Chinese Americans (SACA) during their Lunar New Year celebration. She also co-founded the student organization Asian American Pacific Islander Mentorship (AAPIM) with the aim of providing additional mentoring for medical students at USF MCOM. The group matched over 50 students during its first year. Mimi currently continues to mentor an underclassman medical student through her Collegia program, as well as a mentee through AAPIM. She volunteers her time to interview prospective medical students for the USF MCOM SELECT Program for the admissions committee as well. 



Genesis Rivera-Marrero
Genesis Rivera-Marrero is a recent Bachelor’s in General Studies with a concentration in Educational Foundations, graduate. Their hometown is Barceloneta, Puerto Rico.

During their time at USF, Genesis has demonstrated leadership and passion for our institution. Since transferring, she worked as a work-study for the Office of Veterans Success at the Sarasota-Manatee campus. She served as one of the Campus Activities Board Coordinators, as well as Co-Coordinator of the Community Leaders and Peer Coaches on her home campus. She was the President of the Latin American Student Association at the Sarasota-Manatee campus, and the President of the Student Veterans Association. She was also the founding Vice-President of Tau Sigma National Honor Society-Theta Phi Chapter for transfer students in the Sarasota-Manatee Campus. She received 3 awards that highlighted her dedication and leadership: the Status of Latino Award; the Veteran and Military Connected Excellency Award, and the Multicultural Excellence Award. She was also part of the Alternative Spring Break group that worked with many organizations that help Human Trafficking victims in Atlanta, Georgia. She also participated in a study abroad opportunity in Salamanca, Spain. As a student leader, she worked to make sure everyone felt seen and heard on campus. She worked hand-in-hand with many departments and campus groups to improve the campus community, by enhancing the different cultures on campus. 



Fozia Memon
Fozia Memon is a Master of Arts candidate in Linguistics. Their home country is Pakistan. She is the only Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan in the field of Linguistics.

Born in the community of Pakistan where women are not allowed to get higher education, she advocated for girls’ education by teaching them voluntarily as well as preparing and motivating them to spread the power of education among little girls in their villages. She is the first girl to step out of her community for education. Being a recipient of many scholarships in different countries from Turkey to Nepal and to the USA now, she is devoted to making this world and currently USF a diverse and welcoming campus.

During her time at USF, Fozia Memon has demonstrated a commitment to serve USF and contribute her part as an international student from Pakistan. She has demonstrated strength, knowledge, and diversity throughout her volunteering experiences. She has been engaged with the on-campus and off-campus community through her involvement with ‘Feeding Tampa Bay’ and ‘Feed A Bull’ food pantry at USF.



Katherine Metheny
Katherine Metheny is a Bachelor of Arts candidate pursuing concurrent degrees in Political Science and Economics, with minors in Legal Studies and Philosophy. She is also a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College.  Her hometown is Lithia, Florida.

During her time at USF, Katherine has demonstrated a passion for public service and advocacy and has emphasized having compassion for both sides of any issue. She has acted as a legal intern with the Tampa Public Defender’s office, working with indigent defendants. Whether she was protecting the accused or striving to bring justice for victims, Katherine was always passionate. Some of her proudest moments include researching and drafting a debate on behalf of Florida Representative Susan Valdes on the issue of abortions for minors, and making sure that the best interests of her case’s children are heard as a Guardian Ad Litem.

Katherine has taken pride in being an advocate of the pre-law community at USF, forging relationships between the student organizations through joint events. Her efforts resulted in her becoming the first ever pre-law ambassador at USF. She works as the Chief Justice in USF’s Student Government and continues to create resources for students, giving them the opportunity to take a nuanced perspective on difficult, university changing issues.



McLain Miller
McLain Miller is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Education. Their hometown is Sarasota, FL.

During their time at USF, McLain has demonstrated her love for USF by becoming involved with the University Student Center, the COMPASS Student Experience office, the Enrollment Services office, the USF Ambassadors program, and the All Stars Dance Club. She has served in many roles including Peer Coach, Orientation Leader, Campus Tour Guide, President of Ambassadors, and many more. She has been recognized for her student leadership on campus multiple times at the Annual Rocky Awards by staff and students of the St. Petersburg campus. She is proud to call USF her home.



Connor Murray
Connor Murray is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science candidate in Health Sciences, in addition to being a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College. His hometown is Bradenton, Florida.

During his time at USF, Connor has demonstrated involvement in many areas within the USF community. Namely, Connor is proud of his research spanning over three years with Moffitt Cancer Center and the USF Department of Psychology. Through Moffitt Cancer Center, Connor was able to work with the Florida Pancreas Collaborative to work towards better diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. Through his involvement with the Department of Psychology, Connor has worked on multiple projects focusing on personality, circadian rhythm, and brain activity, in addition to conducting his own, original study, on the relationship between autism, anxiety, and social cognitive functioning.

In addition to his research, Connor is immensely proud of his involvement with other students. He has supported first year honors students as a Peer Mentor and Peer Mentor Lead. In these positions, Connor helped first year students through tough life moments, great opportunities, small annoyances, and everything in between, and it is an experience he will remember far beyond graduation.



Fabrizio Petrozzi
Fabrizio Petrozzi is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Business Management and is a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College. His hometown is Lima, Peru.

During his time at USF, Fabrizio has demonstrated outstanding leadership, community engagement, and academic excellence, making him a deserving recipient of the Golden Bull award. One of the accomplishments that we particularly admire is Fabrizio's exceptional leadership skills as a Resident Assistant. In this role, Fabrizio was responsible for overseeing a building of 370 residents and providing support to a floor of 75 residents. His hard work and dedication resulted in the planning and implementation of programs and events that fostered a positive and inclusive community among residents. In times of emergency and conflict, Fabrizio was quick to respond and provide effective mediation and resolution, ensuring a safe and secure living environment.

Another accomplishment that sets Fabrizio apart is his unwavering commitment to public service and community engagement. Through his involvement in the UMatter Program as a Residential Mentor, Fabrizio has made a significant positive impact on the lives of many students with intellectual disabilities. Providing support and mentorship, Fabrizio has helped these students navigate their university experience, encouraging them to pursue their goals and interests. Fabrizio's efforts have been instrumental in creating a welcoming and inclusive community for these students.

In addition to his leadership and community engagement, Fabrizio has also achieved academic excellence. As a Judy Genshaft Honors College member, Fabrizio has completed a rigorous curriculum designed for high-achieving students and has been actively engaged in independent research and collaborative projects. These experiences have demonstrated Fabrizio's pursuit of knowledge and critical thinking skills, as well as broadened his understanding and appreciation of various disciplines and perspectives.

Finally, through his participation in the Innovation Scholars Program, Fabrizio has developed personal and professional potential. Workshops, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on projects have honed his entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Networking events and pitch competitions have provided opportunities to connect with industry leaders and entrepreneurs and helped him to contribute to the university's innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives.



Allison Richards
Allison Richards is a graduating senior studying Biology with a minor in criminology. She is scheduled to graduate Magna Cum Laude in May 2023 and is a member of the Judy Genshaft Honors College. Allison is originally from Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Allison has had the opportunity to collaborate with many campus departments while obtaining her bachelors degree at USF for the past four years. She was able to work at Harborside Activities Board (HAB) for multiple years putting together events that brought hundreds of students, faculty, and staff together. The most notable achievement during her time in HAB was orchestrating the 2021 USF Homecoming week events. 

Allison has held other positions on campus including being a tour guide for the Navigator office, working at the University Student center as an senior information desk consultant, a student advisor in the office of Leadership and Student organizations, and Deputy Chief of Staff for St. Petersburg campus student government. Through each one of these job experiences, Allison has been able to connect with the ONEUSF populations expanding her understanding of what it means to be a Bull from every perspective. Through her roles on campus Allison was able to correspond with community connections which resulted in events, organizations, and policy implications that lead to a greater awareness of what it means to be a USF Bull.

Allison interned with Friends of Strays which is St. Petersburg’s oldest no-kill shelter. She was also able to have an internship in the biometrics unit at the National Forensic Science and Technology Center while simultaneously becoming a member of the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success.

Most importantly, Allison was given the opportunity to start her own independent research project. During her senior year Allison conducted a research project rooted in the biological understanding of forensic science in its relation to current events. She wrote a thesis highlighting the effects of time on fingerprint deposition after alcoholic hand sanitizer application. This thesis encompassed the biological responses and composition of human sweat and its natural reaction and potential degradation when interacting with alcoholic hand sanitizers for increasing time intervals. 



Victoria Alexandria Salinas
Victoria Alexandria Salinas is a Master of Public Health candidate in Epidemiology. Her hometown is Austin, Texas. 

During her time at USF, Victoria demonstrated service and leadership within her communities, academic achievement through pursuit of knowledge and professional growth, and commitment to the reorientation of health systems toward equity.  

Victoria’s dedication to public service led her to the Humanitarian Respite Center in South Texas as a certified parent educator.  In this capacity, she provided translation services for migrant families and delivered donated books, blankets, and clothing. She partnered with K-12 schools in Hays County, Texas to establish the county’s first collection of Free Little Lockers providing school supplies for historically underserved rural communities at no-cost. 

Victoria thrives within interdisciplinary teams and values shared applied knowledge and experiences. She presented original geospatial research at the biennial STD Prevention Conference hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Victoria’s upcoming presentations include in-person workshops at the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs Annual Conference and the Texas Public Health Association Annual Education Conference.  

Victoria’s motivation for her work in public health stems from her experiences as a child of immigrant families, a first-generation college student, and a person with a disability.  



Madison Sosa
Madison Sosa is a Bachelor of Science candidate in Biology. Her hometown is Sarasota, Florida. 

During her time at USF, Madison has demonstrated charisma and kindness through her time here at USF Sarasota-Manatee. As she has been a part of Student Government, her positions in Marketing and as Lieutenant Governor, have made her engage with students through holding events and collaborating with USF departments to provide students with help and care on their university journey. Not only has she provided positivity through her workplace but also outside of USF by volunteering for a non-profit organization called Safe Children Coalition. This nonprofit provides a guiding hand for minority high school students as they take the next step in attending college. Like herself, many of these students are first-generation college applicants and her goal as an alumni is to support and guide students through their application process and even through career options. One of her accomplishments is assisting career clusters for high schoolers. These events are able to help highlight professional careers so students can have a taste of what it like to become that occupation or profession. One of the biggest events is the Medical Career cluster which leads a diverse group of panelists ranging in jobs from dentistry to EMT. Encouraging high schoolers as they blossom and move onto their college careers is something that is very rewarding to Madison. As she continues in her career in dentistry, she hopes to give back to her community through aiding and guiding minority college students. 

Her time at USF has not only been great with her academics but she has started a new event initiative within student government. Alongside her governor at the Sarasota-Manatee campus, she has started a Adulting 101 workshop that helps students as they are beginning their adulting journey. These workshops have provided students with information on real estate, leadership, budgeting and even how to de-stress. These workshops have been inspiring for students to understand the importance of adulting tasks as they continue their walks in life.  Madison has shown her true colors through the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus, and she strives to spread love and positivity with every individual she meets. She has accomplished many things throughout her time at USF but one of her biggest is being a BULL forever.



Simone Till
Simone Till, a Bachelor of Social Work candidate as our final Golden Bull winner of the evening. Their hometown is Tampa Bay.

During their time at USF, Simone has demonstrated a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive community for all USF students. Since 2020, Simone has volunteered as an International Buddies Leader in the Office of Multicultural Affairs where they helped facilitate hundreds of international and domestic student groups in developing cross-cultural communication skills while making connections within the university. 

In 2022, Simone was the General Recruitment Director of the largest student-run non-profit on campus, Bulls for Kids. Bulls for Kids achieved their fundraising goal of $60,000 dollars.  This money goes to children with severe orthopedic conditions at the Shriners Hospital on campus. 

Simone’s proudest achievement is becoming an advocate for students and staff with disabilities and initiating the Student Government Accessibility Task Force. The task force’s mission is to improve accessibility and disability culture on campus. 

Simone plans to continue working with the task force even after graduation
 because the work is near to their heart. 

Sean Schrader photo

Johnette Williams
Johnette Williams is a Bachelor of Arts candidate in Political Science with a minor in Leadership. Her hometown is Largo, Florida. 

During her time at USF, Johnette has demonstrated a drive to become a leader both as a student at USF and within the community. Johnette has served in numerous student leadership positions on campus. She joined the USF Ambassadors during her freshman year and has had the honor of serving in various roles on the Executive Board, including President. 

Johnette worked with the Compass Student Experience Office both as a Peer Coach and a Peer Coach Leader. During her time as a Peer Coach, Johnette helped students with their transition from high school to college and was awarded “Peer Coach of the 2021 Fall Semester”. From 2021-2022, Johnette held the position of First-Year Peer Coach Leader where she served as a resource and support to the Peer Coaches while also planning campus events. 

Johnette is also a student in the Judy Genshaft Honors College and a member of the Order of the Golden Brahman. Johnette has been a part of the Chancellor’s Leadership Council at the USF St. Petersburg campus since her freshman year and has had incredible opportunities to be mentored by leaders from the St. Petersburg community. 

After meeting Florida State Representative Jennifer Webb at a Chancellor’s Leadership Council meeting in 2019, Johnette was able to secure an internship with Representative Webb. During this internship, she answered emails and phone calls, met with constituents, and even gave a speech during a Women’s March event. Throughout her 2020 fall semester, Johnette took a Practical Politics course at USF with Dr. Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan. During this course, Johnette interned on Caprice Edmond’s campaign for Pinellas County School Board. Johnette was able to gain experience phone banking, canvassing, literature dropping, and volunteered during early voting and on Election Day to hand out campaign cards. In her final semester at USF, Johnette was able to participate in The Washington Center Academic Internship where she interned with the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools in Washington D.C. During her time in D.C., Johnette worked with NAFIS to help school districts on Federal property receive Impact Aid to help them have the resources to provide quality education for students.