Civic Engagement & Service

Stampede of Service

Stampede of Service (SOS) is a 3-part event series featuring a month of service opportunities focused on specific UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SOS includes an online kickoff module, direct community service with a local non-profit and an individualized reflective wrap-up facilitated by Civic Engagement Board student leaders and CLCE staff.

SOS engages students in meaningful service experiences that move them along the Active Citizen Continuum. In the process, students will connect with each other around common causes while also learning how their passions connect to the SDGs and career competencies that employers seek in candidates. This is an experience that shapes each student while also making a positive impact in the community. 

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Find Volunteer opportunties on BullsConnect!

1. Go to Events and search "Stampede of Service" to register for a service project.  
2. Complete the online kickoff module prior to your service project.  The module will be emailed to you after registration. 
3. Reflect on your service experience. 
4. Repeat! 

 Overview & History


A USF student, Maxon Victor, who wanted to celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, founded Stampede of Service (SOS) in 2006. The USF Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement and Student Government worked together with a committee of students, staff and community organizations (including Parks & Recreation, the University Area Community Development Corporation and Clean City) to develop the event. For the inaugural 2006 event, over 900 students from the campus community including student organizations, USF Athletes, Student Government and Fraternity-Sorority Life joined together to volunteer side by side with the community in East Tampa in local parks and neighborhoods. The day was a huge success and the tradition of Stampede of Service was born.

Stampede of Service quickly became an important tradition for USF serving as a kick-off event for the MLK Week Celebration events celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King through his four principles:

     Strengthen Communities
     Empower Individuals
     Justice for All
     Live your Purpose

The purpose of SOS is to get students engaged in the Tampa community through meaningful service experiences while connecting with one another.  The goal is to help move students developmentally along the Active Citizens Continuum by expanding awareness about social issues and how best to address solutions to root causes of those issues.  To this end, SOS was extended to a year-long series of monthly focused experiences so the USF community could elevate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s spirit of service throughout the year.