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In Florida, July 25 is the last day to be eligible to vote in the primaries on August 23. (29 days before the election.)

Online is the fastest and easiest way to register. This option is only available to holders of Florida drivers’ licenses (or DMV issued id cards). Register here today:


Cast your vote by Mail Ballot

Did you know? All Vote By Mail requests made prior to Nov. 8, 2022 have expired. It’s quick and easy to make a new request. Hillsborough County voters can submit the request by phone at (813) 744-5900 or online at

mail-in request

To request a ballot by mail you can learn how by the following resources:

  1. Online
    1. Hillsborough: Vote by Mail Ballot Request
    2. Manatee: Vote by Mail Ballot Request
    3. Pinellas: Vote by Mail Ballot Request
    4. Sarasota: Vote by Mail Ballot Request
  2. By Phone
    1. Hillsborough: 813-612-4180
    2. Manatee: 941-741-3823

    3. Sarasota: 941-861-8600

  3. By Fax
    1. Hillsborough: 813-744-5843
  4. In Person: At any of our Supervisor of Election Offices
Cast your vote at an Early Voting poll
Cast your vote on Election Day

*You must be registered to vote at Precinct 353