About Us


The Office of Parent & Family Programs is happy to welcome you and your student to USF!

Your student's decision to attend USF is life-changing, offering the opportunity to achieve academic success, build new friendships, develop new interests, explore new ideas, engage in our local community, and create a network of supporters who will help in any way possible. 

For you as the parent and family member, this is a time of transition, whether you're an "empty nester" or still have kids at home.  Feelings of loss are not at all unusual.  All parents feel apprehension at the thought of their children being on their own for the first time, and siblings will miss their brothers and sisters. Of course, you might also feel a sense of elation as you realize you've raised an independent, confident young adult who's ready to take on the world!

These are all normal feelings, and here at Parent & Family Programs we want to help you navigate the transition that you and your family are going through.  Our goal is to help you be part of your student's life while providing the independence they want, and that you want them to have. You can look to the Office of Parent and Family Programs to provide:

The Office of Parent & Family Programs will help guide you through the experience we call USF. Contact Jessica Fitzgerald at jessicafitz@usf.edu or (813) 974-2896 with questions.