Partnering for your Student's Success


Letting Grow...what's that mean?  Family members have advocated for their students' best interests for eighteen years. You have gone to school when your student had a problem, you talked to the coach if you didn't think your child was playing enough, you called the doctor to make the appointment when your child was sick, you called the neighbor when your children weren't getting along.  As your student enters college, your role needs to change, you let them grow.  If your student is going to be successful during and after college, you need to give your student some autonomy to be his or her own player.  Your role becomes one of coach.  Rather than calling your student's professor, academic advisor or roommate's mom, you are going to coach your student about how to take action, address their own needs and advocate on behalf of themselves. As students learn to become self-advocates, family members have the opportunity to become their best coaches and biggest fans.

Each year in college brings different issues and opportunities for the student. Use our Letting Grow resources as tools of encouragement, reference and reminders for your student.