Letting GROW

Has your Bull shared a challenge or obstacle they have encountered? Together, we can help your student GROW into confident, successful Bulls. Use this conversation guide to coach your student. Rememeber, it's not about you letting's about letting them GROW!

your new role as coach

Throughout your student’s life, you have likely played a major role in advocating for and helping your student navigate challenges they’ve encountered in life. Perhaps you have gone to school or talked directly to a teacher when your student had a problem, called the doctor to make the appointment when they were sick, or mediated a conflict with another parent when your children weren’t getting along.

At USF, there may continue to be moments your student will share moments excitement and challenges this new season of life brings. As your student enters college, they are also likely beginning their journey into adulthood. USF shares many of the same goals as you have for your student by coming here: to become independent, learn how to solve problems, to take advantage of opportunities that will aid them in the future, to be healthy, to be happy, and to succeed in their academic pursuits.

The adjustment to college is a major transition not only for your student, but for you as their support system. As the vast majority of college students quickly transition into successful and happy Bulls, we know that much of this journey can feel like “letting go” for families – a new feeling that can bring emotions of pride, excitement, anxiety, and even frustration at times. We are here to assure you that these emotions are normal and are a part of the process acclimating to your new role as a family member to your student.

As your student emerges into adulthood, you will find that as you “pass the baton”, USF will work with them as adults from the onset of their collegiate career. We believe that together, we can promote and provide opportunities for your student to GROW into confident, self-advocating, independent Bulls.

Each year in college brings different opportunities and challenges for students. As you continue to support them, we encourage you to check out these Tampa campus resources as tools of encouragement, reference and reminders for your student.