Families of Second Year Students

Family Events 
The Office of Parent & Family Engagement hosts several events and experiences throughout the year for families. These include our Fall Welcome Experiences and Family and Friends Weekend. All USF family members, friends, and loved ones are invited to participate in Fall Family and Friends Weekend. Learn more here.

Stay Safe
Learn more about campus safety.

Healthy for Life
Discuss with your student the importance of a healthy life style. Learn more here.

Tutoring and Learning Support
Suggest that your student visit the Academic Success Center website to enhance their learning strategies.

Undergraduate Research
Encourage your student to contribute to their academic disclipline and make connections with faculty through reseach opportunities.

Joining a Fraternity/Sorority
Refer your student to the Fraternity and Sorority Life website to learn more about Greek life on campus.

Choosing a Major
Choosing a career and major is part of the career development process.  Encourage your student to check out Career Services to learn more.

Make a Positive Difference in the World
Remind your student about the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement (CLCE) which develops students into leaders that will make a positive difference in the world.

Stay Active
Stress the importance of physical activity. Encourage regularly scheduled times for physical activity. Recreation and Wellness offers fitness and group exercise, adventure trips, intramural sports, and more than 100 interactive cardio machines.

Study Abroad Programs
Refer your student to the Study Abroad website to learn more about the opportunities available..

Additional resources:
Student Health Services 
Counseling Center
Financial Aid