Families of First Year Students

The transition through the first year of college or the first year at a new university is an experience that is both personal and shared. While each student will experience their first day, first week, first eight weeks, first semester and first year a little differently than the next student there are shared experiences, emotions, highs and lows. It is when students relate with one another through these common bonds that the transition becomes easier and a relationship with the university is formed. Family members of new students and transfer students go through the same type of transition.

New Student Connections and Parent & Family Engagement work together to provide resources to help both you and your student transition as effectively as possible. At the University of South Florida, there are many support systems that surround both you and your student.  Visit the New Student Connections website to learn about how your student receives support and care throughout their transition to USF.

Preparing for your New Student's Arrival to Campus
We are so excited to have your student and family join our community and look forward to your arrival to campus. Check out this website to review tasks your student should complete prior to their arrival on campus, along with an overview of what is in store once they get here.

Family Events
The Office of Parent & Family Engagement plans several events throughout the year for families which includes welcome events and Family & Friends Weekend. All family members and friends are invited to participate in these opportunities. Learn more here.

Stay Safe
Learn more about campus safety here

Healthy for Life
Discuss with your student the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Learn more here.

Writing Skills
Suggest that your student visit the Writing Studio website to improve their writing skills.

Joining a Fraternity/Sorority
The Center for Student Involvement website has information about Greek life on campus.

Finding a Job
Check out the Career Services website for employment opportunities for your student.

Getting involved on Campus
Attending campus events or joining a student organization are just a couple of ways to find community and get involved outside the classroom. 

Residence Hall Living
Suggest your student visit the Housing & Residential Education website when they have roommate questions.  Learn how living in the Residence Halls will enhance your student's experience!

Additional resources:
Student Health Services
Counseling Center
Financial Aid