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As a parent or family member you want the best educational experience for your student. You know that there is more to a college education than just textbooks. You want your student to experience all aspects, all ideas and all cultures that a diverse university like USF offers.

The Parent Fund was created to offer parents and family members an opportunity to create such an enriching environment, by helping to create an environment in which your student can excel.  Parents and family members, through the Parent Fund, are making a real difference in student life at USF. Your gift benefits all USF students by providing resources that enable them to engage in experiences that might not have otherwise been available without private support...resources such as leadership, personal and career development services, comprehensive campus and community outreach programs, academic and social success programs just to name a few.

Please give to the Parent Fund as generously as you can. Each gift makes a significant difference to students now and in years to come.