Student Conduct Process

The Code and Student Conduct Process apply to the behaviors of any student and student organization regardless of location or forum that are inconsistent to the goals and mission of USF. This includes (1) conduct that may present a danger or threat to the health and/or safety of students or others, (2) conduct that adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of its mission, (3) and/or conduct that violates state or federal laws. Students and student organizations are responsible for their guests and may be held accountable for their guests’ behavior.The Student Conduct Process is educational and designed to address student and student organization behavior; therefore, the University will address any alleged violations of the Code independently of any criminal or civil court process.

The Student Conduct Process may be carried out prior to, concurrently with, or following civil or criminal proceedings. Determinations made or sanctions(s) imposed as a result of the Student Conduct Process will not be subject to change because criminal charges were dismissed, reduced, or resolved in favor of the charged student. The University is not required to postpone the Student Conduct Process pending the outcome of any civil or criminal case. Student conduct cases that may result in suspension or expulsion must be resolved prior to the awarding of any degree or certificate.