Conduct Reviews

Prior Conduct Review for Admission

Student Conduct and Ethical Development manages the Prior Conduct Review process for the University of South Florida. The Prior Conduct Review for Admission Policy may be accessed for additional information about this process. 

Applicants who indicate "yes" to the prior misconduct and/or criminal history questions on their application are referred to Student Conduct and Ethical Development (SCED) for Prior Conduct Review (PCR). It is incombent on the applicant to provide the necessary information to complete the review. Upon receipt of the required information, SCED will complete the PCR and make a recommendation back to the admissions team. The PCR Recommendation will indicate one of three possible recommendations: recommended for admission, recommended for admission with conditions, not recommended for admission.

Please follow the required documentation guidelines and submission process outlined below. For questions concerning how to correctly submit prior conduct documentation or the prior conduct review process, please contact SCED at 813-974-9443 or by e-mailing

Prior Conduct Review for Admissions Required Documentation 

1. Explanation of Incident(s)  

A detailed written statement describing the circumstances surrounding each incident. Explain, in your own words, your involvement in each incident.  If this statement includes past or pending criminal charges, the statement must describe the outcome for each charge(s). Your statement should address your extracurricular involvement, community service, employment (including length of time), institutional attendance, degree progress, academic plan, and any additional relevant information that will assist in the review of your prior conduct.  This is not a character statement.

2. Disciplinary Clearance 

A Disciplinary Clearance form must completed if you were in attendance at an institution (high school, college, university, etc.) at the time of the disclosed incident(s). This form must be sent from the institution directly to Student Conduct and Ethical Development. It would refer to your conduct/discipline history at that institution, as well as your current conduct/discipline standing. This form and directions on how to submit the form to Student Conduct and Ethical Developments can be found here.
Note: If you are reporting a conduct record from the University of South Florida, you will not need to complete a Disciplinary Clearance form.

3. Court Related Documents (for past or pending criminal history)

A copy of all official documents for each incident to include police and arrest reports, final charge(s), disposition, penalty(ies), letter(s) from probation officer, verification of completion for community service and educational programs, and termination of probation notice(s), etc. These documents may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts that processed the case(s).

Prior Conduct Documentation Submission

Submit documentation for review via the Admissions Prior Conduct Review Referral.

Please note you will need to obtain digital copies of your supplemental legal and/or institutional paperwork to include at the time of submission.

Prior Conduct Review Recommendations

Student Conduct and Ethical Development will communicate the Prior Conduct Review Recommendation to you and the appropriate admissions office. You will receive, via email, one of three letters: recommend for admission, recommend for admission with conditions, do not recommend for admission.  

1.  Recommended For Admission:  SCED recommends you be considered for general admission.

2. Recommended For Admission With Conditions: SCED recommends you be considered for general admission provided that admission include identified conditions which may include:

i.  A probationary period for all or part of enrollment with or without stipulations.

ii. Restriction on housing, activities, and/or employment on campus.

iii. Other designated conditions.

3. Not Recommended For Admission: SCED notifies you in writing of the Not Recommended for Clearance and provides instructions for how you can appeal the recommendation. You are provided 10 days to appeal the PCR recommendation of not recommended for admissions.

Upon receipt of the PCR Recommendation, the admissions team that will make a final University decision regarding your admission application and communicate that decision to you. For questions concerning the admissions process or the status of your admission application, please contact the admissions team.