About Us


The office of Student Outreach & Support (SOS) helps students manage life stressors that can impact academics and personal well-being. SOS enhances student success by identifying needs, removing barriers and reducing distress. After receiving a referral for services, the office helps students through a variety of interventions, university services, community referrals and case management.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Outreach and Support (SOS) promotes student success through secondary and tertiary services. These services include identifying student needs, removing barriers to care, facilitating connection to resources, and coordinating care among treatment providers.

Our Vision

The Office of Student Outreach and Support increases student academic success and personal wellness as well as promote community safety through support and intervention services.

What is Case Management?

Higher Education Case Managers serve their University and individual students by coordinating intervention and support efforts across campus and community systems to assist at risk students those who are facing crises, experiencing life stressors, and encountering barriers that impede success.

To that end, Higher Education Case Managers may:

  • Reach out to students via email and phone call to offer an appointment with a Case Manager
  • Evaluate threat and assess risk to self and/or the community
  • Arrange for appropriate medical or mental health care
  • Maintain contact and meet with students to address needs
  • Foster self-advocacy in students to manage their academic, personal and fiscal responsibilities
  • Advocate for students individually and systemically

SOS staff coordinate the proactive and follow-up case management services for students referred for personal, emotional, mental health, and academic concerns. SOS staff coordinates care within the community as well as across campus resources such as the Counseling Center, Students with Disability Services, Student Health Services, Success and Wellness Coaching, etc.

If a student is struggling and you are unsure how to get them help, the SOS staff can provide assistance. To submit a referral, please click here.

Services Provided

Service Description
Initial Screenings Your initial appointment with a case manager will last approximately 60 minutes as you and case manager will conduct a holistic assessment to gather information related to your well-being.  The case manager will explore areas related to mental and emotional health, academic difficulties, living environment, financial stressors, etc., in an effort to identify areas of need and options for support. The case manager will discuss resources and options available to you such as connecting with treatment providers, navigating academic withdrawals, and facilitating conversations with various treatment providers. When you are not able to make it to campus due to being at home, involved in treatment away from campus, etc., we can arrange a video conference appointment to accommodate your needs.
Follow-Up or Check-In Appointments Follow-up or check-in appointments are a way for you to remain connected with a case manager to discuss your connection to resources, academic success, and mental and emotional well-being.  Often these follow up appointments are conducted during a 30 minute in-person appointment, but you and your case manager may also arrange to check in by phone, email or video conference, when appropriate.
Post-Hospital Services If you've been in hospital for a behavioral health crisis, such as a psychiatric emergency or medical care for severe intoxication, you will need to meet with a case manager in order to support your transition back to the campus environment. Please call the office to schedule this appointment within 24 hours of your discharge and bring any hospital paperwork to the appointment with you. The goal of this appointment is to ensure you have the resources and care in place that you may need to maintain your academic and personal well-being.

Request A Training

The office of Student Outreach and Support (SOS) provides department specific training and tabling education on areas of department expertise, such as recognizing and responding to students in distress. The SOS office also collaborates with campus partners to develop training needs for their department within the SCOPE of the office.

To request a training, please click here

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