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Services Provided

Initial Screenings

Your initial appointment with a case manager will last approximately 60 minutes as you and case manager will conduct a holistic assessment to gather information related to your well-being. The case manager will explore areas related to mental and emotional health, academic difficulties, living environment, financial stressors, etc., in an effort to identify areas of need and options for support. The case manager will discuss resources and options

Follow-up or Check-in Appointments

Follow-up or check-in appointments are a way for you to remain connected with a case manager to discuss your connection to resources, academic success, and mental and emotional well-being. Often these follow up appointments are conducted during a 30 minute in-person appointment, but you and your case manager may also arrange to check in by phone, email or video conference when appropriate.

Post-Hospital Services

If you've been in hospital for a behavioral health crisis, such as a psychiatric emergency or medical care for severe intoxication, you will need to meet with a case manager in order to support your transition back to the campus environment. The goal of this appointment is to ensure you have the resources and care in place that you may need to maintain your academic and personal well-being. Please call the office to schedule this appointment with