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Watch Your BAC

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Watch Your Bac Campaign

Watch Your BAC is a campaign designed to educate students on the physical and mental effects of alcohol and promote safer decision-making. 

BAC (or Blood Alcohol Content/Concentration) is a measure of the percent of alcohol present in someone's blood. The campaign encourages students to "Stay in the Green Zone" by keeping their BAC at or below 0.06. This is where people are more likely to experience that "buzzed" feeling, without the more negative consequences that come with higher levels of impairment.


In order to help students stay in the "Green Zone", we have developed BAC Cards, which can help give students an estimate of their BAC level depending on how many drinks they've had in a given amount of time. Stop by our office in SVC 2127 to pick some up for you/your friends, or download them now using the links below:

In addition to Staying in the Green Zone, this campaign also emphasizes that students practice "None for the Road". This means that if someone is planning on having any alcohol/other substances, it's important that they do not drive. Instead, they should plan ahead by splitting a ride share with friends, or having a DD (Designated Driver) who has agreed that they will not consume ANY substances.