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Male Student Success

USF is committed to the success of all students. While there is a nationwide concern over the retention and progression of male students enrolled in college, the university also experiences this completion gap even though our retention and graduation rates are significantly higher than national statistics. In 2019, the four-year graduation rate for USF men is 48% in comparison to 67% for USF women.

Through research and best practices, USF is taking steps to address this completion gap and is creating a framework for male student success by identifying pathways to academic success. Most recently, we have partnered with the Mentor Collective, a dedicated team of higher education mentorship experts, to pilot an unparalleled peer mentoring opportunity for our male students with these goals:

  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Create networking opportunities with faculty, staff and students
  • Provide tools to navigate campus resources
  • Increase utilization of academic and student support services
  • Promote personal and social development
  • Improve retention and timely degree completion rates

Male Empowerment Network

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The Male Empowerment Network (M.E.N.) is an exciting mentoring opportunity for male freshmen! The program is designed to provide a highly focused and integrated model of academic, career, co-curricular and social resources by matching upperclassmen male mentors with freshmen males.

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Male freshmen, sign up to be 
paired with a male mentor who
has walked the college path before
 and wants to help you succeed
at USF. 
Learn how to navigate
utilize resources,
address challenges, and explore
your interests!

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Male upperclassmen, sign up 
mentor freshmen males. You'll
paired with a student to help
acclimate to USF and
share your strategies for
 You'll earn a LinkedIn
badge for your 
resume, too!

How does M.E.N. work?

  • Male freshmen and potential mentor volunteers receive an emailed invitation from USF to sign up for the mentoring program.
  • USF's partner, the Mentor Collective, will email respondents a survey to collect information for matching mentors and participants. 
  • Mentors will receive online training, resources, and guidelines for communicating with participants. 
  • Participants will be matched with a peer mentor based on common interests, background, academics, etc.

How often will mentors and participants meet?
Mentors and participants are encouraged to communicate at least 2 - 4 times per month, although communication frequency will depend on individual preferences. Communication may take place in person, via text, Microsoft Teams, and/or by phone.

What are some of the topics mentors and participants will discuss?

  • Adjusting to USF academic expectations and university culture
  • Learning to balance the demands of school, work, and your social life
  • Establishing connections with faculty, staff, students, and professionals
  • Developing a plan for academic, social, and career success
  • Understanding how your major will impact your professional options

Areas of Support

  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to campus academic and student support services
  • Better academic performance
  • Greater insight into university culture
  • Source of educational and social support
  • Direct access/partnership with upperclassmen
  • Established short and long-term goals
  • Stronger relationships with faculty, staff and peers
  • Improved interpersonal skills and lifestyle choices
  • Established plan for career goals
  • Enhanced time management and study skills

Learn More About Mentoring
This video will explain what mentoring is and how it can benefit you.

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Have Questions? Need Help?
For more information about the mentoring program, please contact Dr. Carmen Goldsmith.

If you are having issues registering or need technical support, please contact help@mentorcollective.org.

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