Academic Regulations Committee

ARC Appeals Process

Late withdrawal, total withdrawal and withdrawal limit decisions made by Undergraduate Academic Regulations Committees are eligible for College level and University level appeal. Students are expected to provide additional new documentation and/or evidence that an error occurred during the initial petition review. Any requested College or University level appeals must be submitted by the student in writing within 15 Academic* days of the decision. ARC petitions for reinstatement are not subject to appeal at the College or University level. 

*Consistent with other USF academic policy, “Academic day” is the period(s) of academic session to include the days the University is open for business and delivery of academic services exclusive of holidays, emergency closings or other days where the office or academic delivery of services are officially closed by announcement or by emergency.

Formal ARC Appeals to the College Level

Students should submit materials for College Level appeals to the College ARC contacts listed on the ARC petition. It is the student's responsibility to obtain, complete and submit all documentation required by the College for appeals. Colleges reserve the right to deny any appeals if the student fails to provide any new documentation or misses the submission deadline. **NOTE** In the case of medical withdrawals, in lieu of the Colleges the Dean of Students (or designated confidential representatives) serve(s) as the proxy to review the first level of appealed decisions on petitions routed through the confidential SOCAT process.

Formal ARC Appeals to the University Level

For this level of appeals process, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies (or designee) has the authority to review submissions. ARC decisions are only eligible for appeal to the University level if the student has been denied via the College level initial process and College level appeal. The Office of Undergraduate Studies reserves the right to request meetings with any student requesting an ARC appeal. The University level ARC appeal is a final University decision and is not subject to further appeal at any level.

Students must:

1.   Provide all previous documentation from the initial ARC petition and College level appeal,

a.       Official ARC petition forms (PDF)
b.       All personal statements and supporting documentation provided to the College
c.       Any instructor documentation
d.       All correspondence from the College about the initial ARC decision as well as the ARC
          College level appeal decision

2.   Write a personal statement describing their current academic progress and goals, a
      response to both College level ARC decisions, and a clear statement of why the appeal
      should be granted.

3.   Submit all materials to : within 15 Academic days of receipt of the
      College level ARC appeal decision.