Academic Regulations Committee

ARC Process FAQ

The add/drop deadline has passed but I still need to drop a class I have never attended. What do I do?

Ask you instructor to fill out an ARC Instructor Documentation form to show you have never attended class. Then submit a late withdrawal petition in Archivum (with the signed instructor form) for review by your College. 

I have not been doing well in my class and I want to withdraw from it. What do I do?

 The last day to withdraw is published in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Office of the Registrar Important Dates & Deadlines webpage. If it is prior to the last day to withdraw for the semester, you can log in to MyUSF, access your OASIS account, and withdraw from the course. Use a late withdrawal ARC petition if it is passed the last day to withdraw.

I was told that I need medical documentation for my ARC petition. Can I just go to the USF Counseling Center and ask them to fill it out?

You should only request medical documentation from the USF Counseling Center if you have been using the center services. They cannot complete the documentation during a first, one-time appointment or drop-in visit. 

I submitted an ARC petition in Archivum but I have not received any updates. What do I do?

You can use Archivum to check the status of your petition. Log in to MyUSF, access Archivum and enter the Student Portal. Enter your Student Record and select Submitted Forms to view any petitions you have submitted in Archivum.

 I submitted an ARC petition in Archivum but now I need to cancel it. What do I do?

You can cancel any petition that is not being reviewed by the Financial Aid, Admissions or Registrar’s offices. Log in to MyUSF, access Archivum and enter the Student Portal. Enter your Student Record and select Submitted Forms. You can cancel petitions from this page.

 I want to talk to someone about an ARC petition. Where do I go?

Find a listing of Academic Regulations Committee contact information here.

It has been over six months since I have enrolled in a class but I still want to try to request a late withdrawal. What should I do? **Updated Fall 2022**

Students are permitted to petition for late withdrawals after six months; however, they are unable to request tuition & fee adjustments (e.g., refunds) once the six month deadline has passed. This is in compliance with Board of Governors regulation 7.002 on Tuition and Fee Assessment, Collection, Accounting and Remittance. The end of semester date is determined from the official USF academic calendar. The only exception to the 6-month deadline for fee adjustments is withdrawals for military service.

I want to appeal the ARC decision I received my petition directly to the University and avoid my College. Can I do that?

No – any ARC Appeals must first be submitted to the College for a decision before the final University appeal can occur. No exceptions.

I have started an ARC petition in Archivum but my current classes are not auto-populating into the petition like they are supposed to. What do I do? 

Before submitting a help desk ticket, please try the following troubleshooting steps: 

1.  Use another browser [such as Chrome or FireFox].

2.  Perform a cache clear. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the following           website: How to Clear Browser Cache

3.  Use an incognito window. This can be done in Chrome by clicking on the three                   vertical dots to the right of the search bar, then selecting "new incognito window." 

4.  If the issue persists, please email with a screenshot of the student’s           screen. If the issue persists in multiple browsers, please specify which browsers               you've used. 

I have been academically dismissed but I need to access the ARC petition in Archivum. I do not have access to any USF systems anymore. What do I do? 

You can email and notify IT that you have been academically dismissed and need to be re-activated in Archivum to submit an academic petition. Provide as much detail as possible to help IT resolve your issue.