Academic Regulations Committee

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The Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) within each college receives undergraduate student petitions to waive the following requirements in USF policy 10-006 “Student Registration Changes, Initial, Drop/Add, Withdrawal, and Auditing” and USF regulation 3.018 “Admission to Baccalaureate Programs of University of South Florida.” 

Medical Withdrawals: ARC petitions identified as confidential medical withdrawals will be routed and reviewed by Student Outreach and Support to ensure student privacy and access to resources; non-sensitive medical withdrawals will continue to be routed to the appropriate Academic College.

Not all academic processes use an academic regulations committee to review requests. An ARC petition should only be submitted for the following actions:

  • late add a course
  • late withdraw from select courses after the withdrawal deadline
  • total withdraw from all courses in a term
  • override the withdrawal limit
  • request reinstatement to the University 


Students submit ARC petitions online via the Archivum Portal located in MyUSF. For a quick guide on submitting ARC petitions, watch the tutorial video or review the pdf provided below.

Late Add PetitionPDF guide

Late add is adding a course to a student’s schedule after the drop/add deadline published in the Academic Calendar has passed. This process is limited to the second week of classes; petitions received after the second week of classes will not be processed.

Before you get started in Archivum

WERE YOUR CLASSES CANCELLED FOR FINANCIAL REASONS? Review the Re-Add process first – you don’t need an ARC petition to get back in your classes.

  • Contact the course’s instructor and ask them to complete the Instructor Documentation form to approve your request to be added to their class.
  • This also allows you to keep up with coursework while your petition is being reviewed.

DO YOU HAVE ANY HOLDS? All registration holds must be removed before late add petitions can be processed. Check for any Holds that could prevent registration (under Registration Status in your OASIS account).


Late Withdrawal Petition - PDF guide
Withdrawal Limit Exception / Total Withdrawal Petition - PDF guide

  • Late Withdrawal is a withdrawal from a class after the withdrawal deadline published in the Academic Calendar has passed.
  • Total withdrawal is withdrawing from all registered courses in a semester.
  • Overriding the withdrawal limit is a request to withdraw from more courses than permitted by the withdrawal guidelines published under “Withdrawals” in the Student Registration and Records section of the Undergraduate catalog.

Total Withdrawal: If you are registered for four or more courses and want to do a Total Withdrawal from all courses, you will need to use the Withdrawal Limit Exception petition not Late Withdrawal.

Before you get started in Archivum

IMPORTANT DEADLINE! Late and total withdrawal petitions submitted 6 calendar months after the end of the semester during which the petitionable event occurred are not eligible for tuition & fee adjustments - even if the ARC petition is approved [per Board of Governors' regulation 7.002]. The end of semester date is determined from the official USF academic calendar published by the Office of the Registrar.

WITHDRAWALS CAN IMPACT YOU FINANCIALLY Students should be mindful of the state’s Excess Hour Surcharge Policy. Withdrawing from classes may result in a monetary penalty, or affect financial aid, tuition assistance, use of Veterans educational benefits, or a student’s visa status. Read more about it from Financial Aid!

DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED TO SUBMIT PETITIONS IN ARCHIVUM You are required to provide documentation to support your request; choose the documentation that is relevant to your personal situation. **If you indicate your petition contains sensitive personal information, it will be processed using a confidential method to respect privacy.** Examples of evidence include:

  • ARC instructor documentation form (exclude if submitting medical documentation),
  • ARC medical documentation (from a health professional to certify physical/mental injury or illness related to withdrawal),
  • Evidence of transportation difficulties or homelessness,
  • Experiencing family/personal crisis or loss.


Reinstatement Petition - PDF guide

Students who wish to return to the university following academic dismissal (or returning with a USF GPA below 2.0) must use the reinstatement process prior to being readmitted.

Before you get started in Archivum

APPLY FIRST! You must submit your online application to the Office of Admissions.

MEET WITH AN ACADEMIC ADVISOR. Reinstatement petitions require a completed Academic Advising Record form as documentation. Schedule an appointment with an advisor to complete a plan to upload with your petition.

YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR ACADEMIC RENEWAL. Academic Renewal allows students returning after dismissal to request to have portions of their academic record excluded in the calculation of their GPAs. Discuss this option with an academic advisor.



Certain ARC decisions may be appealed first through the College Dean (or designee) within fifteen (15) Academic days of the initial decision. Please review the ARC Appeals webpage for more information.