Academic Regulations Committee


These forms should be used as supporting documentation uploaded with Archivum ARC process. Please have any supporting documentation form completed and signed before starting a petition in Archivum.

ARC - Academic Regulations Committee Instructor's Documentation (PDF)

Late Add petition: Documents the instructor has consented to adding the student to the course roster after drop/add has closed. 
Late Withdrawal petitions: Documents the student’s late date of attendance and current academic performance (used for consideration of withdrawal type and fee adjustments). 

ARC - Academic Regulations Committee Medical Documentation (PDF)

Required for medical withdrawals. 
Used to document a medical problem that may have directly or indirectly contributed to the student’s need to petition for an exception. This documentation should only be filled out and signed by an appropriate medical professional such as medical doctors (e.g., generalists, specialists, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, etc.) or mental health professionals (e.g., psychologists, counselors, social workers, etc.). 

ARC - Academic Regulations Committee Academic Advising Record for Reinstatement (ARI and ARII) (PDF)

Required for Reinstatement petition. Documents an approved academic advising plan for returning students to demonstrate the student’s path for success.

Forms for Staff Submission of ARC Petitions

Please review the instructions for staff submission provided in the Archivum Academic Regulations Committee Guide before utilizing these forms. 
ARC - Academic Regulations Petition (Late Add/Drop, Withdrawals) (PDF) 
ARC - Academic Regulations Committee Reinstatement After Academic Dismissal (PDF)