Academic Regulations Committee

Guide to the Petition Process

The Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) within each college receives undergraduate student petitions to waive the following requirements in USF policy 10-006 “Student Registration Changes, Initial, Drop/Add, Withdrawal, and Auditing” and USF regulation 3.018 “Admission to Baccalaureate Programs of University of South Florida”:

Medical Withdrawals: ARC petitions identified as confidential medical withdrawals will be routed and reviewed by Student Outreach and Support to ensure student privacy and access to resources; non-sensitive medical withdrawals will continue to be routed to the appropriate Academic College.

What are the different types of ARC petitions?

Not all academic processes use an academic regulations committee to review requests. An ARC petition should only be submitted for the following actions:

Late add a course.
Late add is adding a course to a student’s schedule after the drop/add deadline published in the Academic Calendar has passed. This is limited to the second week of class; petitions received after the second week of classes will not be processed.

Withdraw from select courses after the withdrawal deadline
Late Withdrawal is a withdrawal from a class after the withdrawal deadline published in the Academic Calendar has passed.

Withdraw from all courses in a term
Total withdrawal is withdrawing from all registered courses in a semester.

Override the withdrawal limit
Overriding the withdrawal limit is a request to withdraw from more courses than permitted by the withdrawal guidelines published under “Withdrawals” in the Student Registration and Records section of the Undergraduate catalog.

Request reinstatement to the university
Students who wish to return to the university following academic dismissal (or returning with a USF GPA below 2.0) must use the reinstatement process prior to being readmitted.

How does the ARC process work?

Watch this 2 minute video overview of the Archivum Academic Regulations Committee process. Review the Archivum Academic Regulations Committee Guide for detailed guidelines and processing directions.

Students will submit all ARC petitions through the Archivum business system. The Archivum ARC workflows allow Colleges and administrative staff to track student submissions, documentation and see processing that occurs in other offices. Appeals are submitted and managed outside of Archivum.


Open for an overview of the ARC petition process steps

 ARC process

The ARC Petition process steps include:

1.  Undergraduate students initiate a petition by identifying the type of petition and term.

All petitions include a narrative describing the student’s situation and supporting documentation (for example, from instructors or medical providers) to support their petition. It is the student's responsibility to obtain, complete and upload all documentation required by this process; it is expected that all supporting documentation is submitted with the petition.

2.  The College (or Unit) makes a decision on the petition OR requests more information
      from the student (which restarts the workflow).

3.  Approved petitions are routed through business offices for processing, followed by
     notification of completion to the student's USF email. 

4.   Denied petitions are closed in Archivum and students are notified via USF email of the

Certain ARC decisions may be appealed first through the College Dean (or designee) within fifteen (15) Academic days of the initial decision. Please review the ARC Appeals webpage for more information.