Courses Tutored

The introductory math courses below are offered in the "SMART Lab" format. Students enrolled in these classes are required to attend the Lab each week where time spent working on coursework is supported with on-demand assistance from instructors, tutors and teaching assistants.

In addition, "drop-in" tutoring is available for the following Math, Physics, and Statistics courses. Students may come and go as needed during tutoring hours and are encouraged to come prepared with materials and questions in order to make the most of their tutoring time.

Course number Course name
MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra
MGF 1106 Finite Math
MAC 1105 College Algebra
MAC 1147 Precalc Algebra & Trig
MAC 2311 Calculus I
MAC 2312 Calculus II
MAC 2313 Calculus III
MAC 2241 Life Science Calc I
MAC 2242 Life Science Calc II
MAC 2281 Engineering Calc I
MAC 2282 Engineering Calc II
MAC 2283 Engineering Calc III


Course number  Course name
PHY 2020 Concept Physics
PHY 2048 Gen Physics I
PHY 2049 Gen Physics II
PHY 2053 Gen Physics Non Calc I
PHY 2054 Gen Physics Non Calc II
PHY 2060 Enriched Physics I
PHY 2061 Enriched Physics II


Course number Course name
PSY 3204 Psychological Stats
STA 2023 Intro to Stats
STA 2122 Social Science Stats
QMB 2100 Business Econ Stats