Check back soon for Summer 2023 POLICIES

All students enrolled in a SMART Lab course (PreCalculus, College Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Business Calculus) are responisble for the policies included in the SMART Lab Policy document.

Tutoring Policy


SIGN IN and SIGN OUT when working in the SMART Lab 

  • Each student must sign-in at the front desk with their U# found on their USF Card
  • Each student must bring all course materials and a calculator (TI-30XA or TI-30XIIS)
  • Students must sign-out when they leave the lab area. 

Cell Phone Policy 

When in the SMART Lab, cell phones are to be in silent mode. If you need to answer a call, log off from your computer and sign out at the front desk so you can step in to the lobby to take your call. If you violate this policy it may result in the loss of lab attendance points for that week.