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Q: How many hours do I need to be in the SMART Lab per week?

A: This depends on which course in the SMART Lab you are taking. Please check your syllabus or check with your designated instructor. 

 Q: Do the SMART hours have to be done in one session?

A: No, you can accumulate the required hours over multiple sessions within that week. 

 Q: How do I check my how many hours I have accumulated this week?

A: There is an application on the desktop that is called "SMART Lab User Data". Using this application you can see how many hours you have accumulated over that time range.  You can also check with front desk staff for further assistance.

 Q: I did hours this morning but when I check the application the time does not show up. So did my hours get counted?

A: The system takes at least 24 hours to update. So if you check the system less than 24 hours after you worked in the lab the time might not show up. After 24 hours if the time still does not show up then please let a TA or Instructor know. Be sure to sign in and sign out at the front desk as a back-up in case, for whatever reason, your lab hours are accidentally not recorded.

 Q: Why do I need to log-in and log-out at the front desk?

A: When you sign on to a SMART Lab computer your hours are automatically tracked. However, in the event this system breaks down if you have signed in and out at the front desk then that is the back-up record for your lab attendance grade. Additionally, signing in for tutoring is VERY important as we use this data to justify budget expenditures and the need to hire TAs or tutors to serve students.

 Q: How do I ask for help from a tutor/TA?

A: When the computer is in SMART Lab mode there is a button on the taskbar that says "Assistance Request." If you click on this button a window will pop up asking if you need assistance. Click "Request Assistance" and leave the next window open. When a tutor arrives click "Issue Resolved" so that other tutors will know that that request is being answered.

 Q: How quickly will my question be answered?

A: This will depend on how busy the lab is and how many tutors, TAs, and Instructors are available. When you click the "Request Assistance" button your request shows up on an administrative view that the tutors, TAs, and Instructors can see. The time that you clicked the request button also shows up on the administrative view and tutors, TAs, and Instructors are trained to answer the requests in the order that they appear. If the lab is busy there may be a few requests before you. Please be patient as tutors, TAs and Instructors are working hard to answer all requests in a timely manner.

 Q: Why won't TA/tutors give me the answer to my problem?

A: The goal of tutoring is to help you solve problems on your own. TAs and tutors learn questioning techniques which help you to overcome barriers that may prevent you from successfully understanding the material. This may involve discussing a similar problem or asking questions about the conceptual understanding needed to solve the problem.

 Q: Can I work with other students in the lab on homework?

A: Since you are encouraged to sit in particular areas based on which course you are taking you will be sitting around people doing the same homework that you are. You are encouraged to work collaboratively with others on your homework.

 Q: Can I work with other students in the lab on quizzes?

A: Quizzes are a time for you to test your own knowledge and prepare for the tests. For these reasons you are not allowed to work with others on quizzes.

 Q: Can tutors/TAs/Instructors help me with quizzes?

A: Tutors, TAs, and Instructors cannot help you on the mathematical content of the quizzes. If you have a question about what the problem is asking then in certain cases a TA or Instructor can clarify what they question is asking you to find.

 Q: If I forget my calculator can I borrow one from anywhere?

A:The SMART Lab does not lend out calculators. The circulation desk on the 1st floor of the library allows student to borrow approved calculators, while supplies last.  Both approved calculators are also sold in the USF bookstore.

 Q: What do I need to bring to the test?

A: You will need your photo ID (USF or US government issued), a pen or pencil, and an approved calculator (TI-30XA or TI-30XIIS only).  Scratch paper will be provided and collected upon completion.

 Q: What calculator can I use on my test? In the lab?

A: You can use a TI-30XA or a TI-30XIIS on your tests and in the lab. No other models (including TI-30XS) are permitted. You can purchase either model at the USF bookstore.

 Q: How do I make a test reservation?

A: Visit the SMART Lab Test Reservation website.  The link is located in your Canvas course, on the SMART Lab Info Canvas page and on the SMART Lab computer desktops.  If you cannot locate the link, email us at, and we will provide it.

 Q: Can I leave the lab while I am working?

A: If you need to leave the lab briefly to make a phone call, use the restroom or get a cup of coffee, just log off your computer before you leave. If you need to make or take a phone call, please go to the lobby.

 Q: I can't bridge to MyLabsPlus from my computer at home. What can I do?

A: If you are using the Safari browser on a Mac, try switching to another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. If this does not work, please contact Pearson 24/7 Technical Support.

If you still have questions that need answered please send an email to or call us at 813.974.9944.