For Students


Undergraduate Studies provides numerous tools and resources designed to make it more likely that students will successfully navigate the complexities of the transition to college and the baccalaureate experience.

Advising Offices
Provides contact information for all undergraduate advising offices.

Course Inventory
A complete listing of all courses approved to be offered within USF.

USF allows students to receive credit towards their baccalaureate degree upon successful completion of certain examinations. This section lists all exams currently accepted and the performance level required to receive credit.

Semester Plans
Semester-by-semester plans for undergraduate majors.

Ethics & Integrity Council
The Ethics and Integrity Council website provides information on University policies, ethics, and resources to develop ethical academic habits or assist in dealing with issues related to academic integrity and ethics.

A list of common registration holds and general instructions related to the hold.

Non-Degree Seeking Admission
USF welcomes Non-degree students on a space-available basis.