What is FUSE?

Fuse Perks

Students choosing to join Fuse will feel a sense of belonging to both their home State or Community College and USF communities. Students will be in a stronger position for making the transition due to greater integration into USF campus culture and additional support services for all 4 years across multiple institutions.

Some of the highlights of Fuse:

  • Students admitted to the Fuse program will be placed on an academic graduation path that provides a seamless transition from Florida College System (FCS) partner schools to USF. This allows for timely completion of both the A.A. and Bachelor's degrees.
  • Students on a defined academic path will be advised on course pre-requisites, GPA requirements, tests and any other additional criteria necessary for admission into limited access or restrictive majors.
  • Academic advisors at all partner schools will monitor the student's progress on that degree pathway to ensure that the student meets the necessary requirements to enroll at a USF. USF will also offer advising on site at the FCS campuses to assist students in the Fuse program.
  • Fuse students will have access to USF facilities, events and activities. This includes a specially designed orientation session at the outset of the program. The goal is to make sure that all fuse students feel that they are part of the larger university family while they are pursuing an Associates' degree at his/her home FCS institution.