• Picture of USF Professor Kyle Reed

    Kyle Reed is helping stroke patients improve their gate

    A new device created at the University of South Florida – and including a cross-disciplinary team of experts from USF engineering, physical therapy and neurology – is showing early promise for helping correct the signature limp experienced by many stroke survivors.

  • Picture of Tansel Yucelen

    Tansel Yucelen Receives NSF Award

    Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Tansel Yucelen received a National Science Foundation Award for “Collaborative Research: Resilient Decentralized Estimation and Control for Cooperative Rigid Body Multivehicle Systems".

  • Picture of Assistant Professor Wenjun Cai

    Wenjun Cai Receives NSF CAREER Award

    Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Wenjun Cai received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award for “Effects of Alloy Concentration on the Tribocorrosion Resistance of AI-TM Supersaturated Solid Solutions"

  • Picture of Yaricet Ruiz receiving the USF Outstanding Staff Award

    Yaricet Ruiz Receives USF Outstanding Staff Award

    Ms. Yaricet Ruiz, Academic Services Administrator for the Department of Mechanical Engineering was a recipient of the 2014 University Outstanding Staff Award.

  • Picture of Matt Kenseth sitting in a race carat the SAE garage with USF students

    Two-time Daytona 500 Winner Matt Kenseth Visits SAE

    No. 20 Dollar General driver Kenseth and Joie Chitwood, Daytona International Speedway president, stopped by the SAE Garage on their Feb. 11 visit to USF.