Advisory Board

Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board

The Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board (MEAB) was formed in the spring of 2000 to be an active partner in the process of determining program direction and continuous improvement. The department began a set of bi-annual meetings which included a combination of faculty presentations on the curriculum, other academic matters, tours of the laboratories and facilities, and closed meetings with students. The goal of the MEAB is to help the faculty with the process of revising and achieving the program objectives and outcomes on a continuous basis. MEAB members consist of leaders in industry and government with experience in mechanical engineering and related disciplines.

Advisory Board Members:

Ralph Bosek, Retired

Michael Denninger, Senior Vice President
Attractions, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Sebastian Dewhurst, CEO & Director of Business Development
EASA Business Development

Robert Garcia, Retired

Jason Heffelmire, Regional Operations Director
TLC Engineering for Architecture

Steven M. Jourdenais, President
Jormac Aerospace

Franciann Lewandowski 

Jennifer McCarthy, Motion Control Account Manager - FL.
Cross Company - Automation Group 

Gerry Miller, Retired

Steve Voras, Design Engineer
Jormac Aerospace

Steve Weber, Product Engineering Group
Sun Hydraulics Corp

J.B. Wright, Project Manager
McCormick Stevenson Corporation

Douglas Willard, PhD, Branch Chief
Engineering Design Analysis, John F. Kennedy Space Center