ME Research Labs

Microfluidics and Acoustics Lab

R. Guldiken, ENG120C - Microfluidics and Acoustics Laboratory at the USF investigates novel microfabricated ultrasonic transducers and their integration with microfluidics for various applications ranging from early disease detection to structural health monitoring. The lab’s main efforts are concentrated on fundamental investigation of design, microfabrication and experimental characterization of these tiny integrated devices.

Cellular Mechanotransduction and Biomaterials

N. Gallant, ENG229A/B - The Cellular Mechanotransduction and Biomaterial Laboratory investigates the mechanical and biochemical interactions between cells and their microenvironment to control cell behavior. We are developing biomaterial engineering strategies, including surface micropatterning, nanofibrous texturing and combinatorial analyses of mechanical and biochemical signals, to manipulate cell-matrix adhesions and control tissue formation.

Computational Methods Research & Education

A. Kaw, ENG205 - From education to research, we are using computational methods to improve our understanding of the world. We have developed holistic open courseware for Numerical Methods and Matrix Algebra. These resources receive more than 1 million views annually. We are using finite element methods to develop alternative assembly procedures for bascule bridge fulcrums, analyze bruxism, and design light body-armor.

Materials and Mechanics Lab

W. Cai, ENG120D - The Materials and Mechanics lab conducts research at the interface of materials science and mechanical engineering. We explore the processing-structure-property relationship in materials using experiments, theory, and simulations. Research focus: new processing strategy for energy efficient alloys and coatings; fundamental understandings of the mechanical, tribological, and corrosion properties of multifunctional materials.

Micro/Nano Integration Laboratory

N. Crane, IDRB207 - The lab studies the manufacturing, design, and validation challenges associated with multifunctional systems. Our work touches many different manufacturing processes in a variety of fields but, much of our work is related to additive manufacturing or surface tension effects in manufacturing processes. Examples include capillary self-assembly, electrowetting microactuation, and inkjet printing in Additive Manufacturing.

Nanomechanical Testing Laboratory

A. Volinsky, ENG120E - Thin films processing, mechanical properties and characterization; Adhesion and fracture of thin films; Nanoindentation; Pattern formation; Irradiated materials properties and X-Ray diffraction

Nanotechnology Research and Education Center

A. Kumar, NTA102 - The Nanotechnology Research and Education Center (NREC) is a university-wide user fabrication and metrology center providing state-of-the-art equipment, professional support personnel and infrastructure to enable multidisciplinary research.

Vibrations and Dynamic Systems Lab

D. Hess, ENG106 - Vibrations / Dynamics measurement, modeling, and analysis; Dynamic friction; Controls / Microcontrollers / Sensors; Fasteners / bolted joints; Vibration diagnostics of solar cells; Orthopedic fixations; Accelerated aging / dynamics of instruments


    T. Yucelen, IDR114 - USF's Laboratory for Autonomy, Control, Information, and Systems (LACIS) focuses on the discovery of novel control, information, and decision-making architectures to reveal next generation autonomous vehicles and robotic swarms in order to effectively perform a broad set of civilian and military operations.