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College of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
4202 East Fowler Avenue, ENB 118
Tampa, FL 33620

Office Location
Engineering Building III, ENC 2300
Phone: 813-974-2280
Fax: 813-974-3539
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Key Office Contacts                                                                                                                                      Dr. Rajiv Dubey, Chair: 813-974-5619; dubey@usf.edu 
Dr. Ajit Mujumdar, Undergraduate Coordinator: 813-974-9677; ajit@usf.edu
Dr. Nathan Gallant, Graduate Coordinator: 813-974-5840; ngallant@usf.edu                                  Celeste Crain, Academic Services Administrator: 813-974-5624; cnc3@usf.edu                                Melissa Villegas, Administrative Specialist: 813-974-2280; villegasm@usf.edu