Hire an ME Student

Want to Hire an ME Student?

The Mechanical Department connects our students with every professional opportunity that is extended our way. Listing a Co-Op, Internship, or Job Posting through our department is an easy way to gain access to our students that will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and help you are looking for.

Companies that provide co-op and intern opportunities to our students have an advantage in attracting some of the best students as permanent hires.

To learn more about how to recruit for your team through our department, contact 813-974-2280 or email us at

USF also offers other means for employers to advertise their job opportunities:


Employ-A-Bull, powered by Handshake: Job Postings and On-Campus Interviews

USF alumni may use Employ-A-Bull, powered by Handshake, our on-line job search system for free. Employ-A-Bull allows you to:


Employers are encouraged to post jobs through the USF Career Center's Handshake recruitment system. You can post jobs, view student resumes, and manage your on-campus interview schedules.