Environmental Policy and Management


The Graduate Certificate in Environmental Policy and Management prepares industrial and government professionals, regular practitioners, local citizens, and university students who wish to acquire or strengthen their knowledge of the environment through formal graduate-level coursework. The curriculum is designed to allow students to choose courses from across the spectrum of disciplines that explore the human and natural environments. The curriculum consists of 15 - 18 graduate credit hours. The normal total requirement is 5 courses, or 15 hours; however, a maximum of 6 courses, or 18 hours, are allowed while registered for the certificate.

Course location/delivery

The Certificate is offered at the Tampa campus.

CEU/licensure credit

Inquire through appropriate department.

Admission requirements

Students must possess a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Application process

To learn about the application process, and to access the application, please review our application process.

In addition to your completed application form, transcripts, resume and letter of interest, you will need to submit the following documents:


None are required.


15 - 18 hours All students complete the first two required courses:

GEO 6116 - Perspectives of Environmental Thought
EVR 6922 - Environmental Science and Policy Capstone Seminar (taken after completion of at least 3 courses).
+Students must take at least 2 core courses from the following list:
PAD 5605 - Administrative Law
PHI 6934 - Special Topics: History of Environmental Thought
EVR 6320 - Environmental Management
POS 6933 - Selected Topics: Seminar in Environmental Law
GEO 6605 - Contemporary Urban Issues
EVR 6216 - Advances in Water Quality Policy and Management
EVR 6937 - Seminar in Environmental Policy
EIN 6634 TQM Seminar (3 credits) or MAN 6936 (3 credits)
EVR 6936 - Seminar in Environmental Science
*Courses from the above list of core options, beyond the two required courses, can be taken as electives.


Students select one or two elective courses:

PHC 6357 - Environmental and Occupational Health (3)
GEO 6286 - Water Resources (3)
PHI 6405 - Seminar in Philosophy of Natural Science (3)
PUP 6007 - Seminar in Public Policy
PHI 6425 - Seminar in Philosophy of Social Science
ECO 6305 - History of Economic Thought
ANG 6197 - Cultural Resource Management
ANG 5937 - Environmental Anthropology
GEO 6255 - Weather, Climate and Society
GEO 6345 - Technical Hazards and Environmental Justice
GEO 6347 - Advanced Natural Hazards
GIS 6306 - Environmental Applications of GIS
PAD 6307 - Policy Analysis and Program Administration
ENV 6667 - Environmental Biotechnology

Credit toward graduate degree

Up to 12 hours of certificate course credits may be applied to a graduate degree with departmental approval.

Standardized tests

International students must submit a TOEFL score when English is not the native language. A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test or 79 on the web-based test is required.

Time Limit

All credits used to satisfy the requirements for the certificate must be for courses completed within three (3) academic years prior to the date of graduation.


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