Academic Knowledge Management (AKM)


Academic Knowledge Management (AKM) in the Office of Decision Support (ODS) works collaboratively with various stakeholders to enhance the functionality of multiple systems within USF, such as the Student Information System (Banner), Customer Relationship Management System (CampusNexus CRM), and Web Reporting System (WRS). Although AKM works together holistically to deliver analysis, strategic support and report preparation, there are three specialized teams supporting each system.

By managing Banner and CampusNexus CRM initiatives as well as providing timely and accurate student and faculty data, AKM is a key contributor to USF's Strategic Plan and its overall commitment to student success.

This is what each of the AKM teams do!

SIS Team

CRM & Special Projects Team

Web Reporting Team

AKM/ODS is committed to be BULLISH in all of its endeavors!