Charter Bus Rates

Standard Charter * ¤

Bus Passenger Count Price (per hour)
1 Up to 15 $50.00
2 Up to 26 $60.00
3 Up to 33 $75.00

Tampa Airport Service ¤

Bus Passenger Count Price (per hour)
1 Up to 15 $120.00
2 Up to 26 $180.00
3 Up to 33 $240.00
Airport passenger capacities are based on moderate luggage. If your group has extra, heavy, or large luggage a higher capacity bus may be needed.

Additional Fees

Fee Type Rate Notes
USF St Petersburg and Sarasota Service Fee $100.00 Charter service rates begin and end at your campus. This fee covers the drive to and from USF Tampa and your campus. * This fee is charged in addition to the charter rate.
Fuel Surcharge Fee $0.20 (per mile) Services originating in Hillsborough county that are going to a neighboring county are subject to this fee. For regional campuses, services outside of your campus county are subject to this fee.
Wait/Stand-by Fee $25.00 (per hour) If your event requires the bus to stand-by idle, the wait / stand by fee will be charged at a lower hourly rate after the *minimum charge is met.
Overnight Fee Varies For overnight travel private, single accommodations and meals are expected for each driver. ◊
Supervisor Fee $30.00 (per hour) May be added for any service after regular business hours, if three or more buses are in service. A two-hour minimum charge will be applied.
Clean-up fee $60.00 (per hour) Excessive cleanup that would keep a bus out of service.
Parking Varies Group is responsible for all parking fees (paid by contact at parking facility)
Tolls Varies Group is responsible for all tolls (included with invoice)

* Services within regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm) are subject to a 2-hour minimum charge. Services outside of regular business hours are subject to a 4-hour minimum charge. Additionally, 1 hour of bus preparedness time is added to each charter.

¤ All services and fees are subject to be charged a holiday rate of 1.5 times the listed rates.

◊ Overnight fee: Travel expenses are billed in compliance with USF Travel Rules and Regulations (USF Travel).